88 | : , / : , Goran Bogdan, 39, grewupwith his three brothers and two sisters in his native Široki Brijeg [Bosnian city]. He sought himself through studies in economics and transport engineering, until he enrolled in acting studies at the Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Arts in 2005. Following his career in Croatia, in the Franco-British crime series The Last Panther (2015), he was given the role of Serb Milan Čеlik. He also starred in the third season of American series Fargo. He has played roles in the lms All Inclusive (2017) andWe Didn’t Talk About the End (2018). He also plays Mustafa Golubić, one of the most intriguing true characters in the series Shadows Over The Balkans. In a constant search for himself, he has made himself at home in Belgrade, andwith a return ticket he would always travel anywhere by plane. This is his story ... “DEVOURER”OF FILMS AND BOOKS I literally swallowed three lms a day during my childhood. The video rental shop inmy neighbourhoodwas like a temple tome. Later I even worked there. As a really little kid I watched lms by Godard and Fellini. Not really, I’m kidding... BruceWillis and Mel Gibson were my favourite actors. My taste later also changed. Now the list of actors I’d gladly perform with would be quite long – with all those whose lms and acting I love to watch! And I love a lot of lms, and actors. Literature foundme after lms. Towards the end of high school, I went mad for literature. Until then I’dwatched lms relentlessly. I like diverse literature. I’ve never been a fan of genres. I created my own taste independently and, with the help of a fewwriter friends, selected my favourites in an ocean of books. When I read a good book, I’m taken over by a feeling of comfort and I’m constantly compelled to seek out more. I remember the crystal clear moments when I read a book that wasmeaningful tome. And time seems to stand still.When I imagine tranquillity and rest, I see myself in a stone house in Istria, sitting beside the replace with a stack of books. I SOUGHT MYSELF AND AM STILL LOOKING There is no mystical-romantic answer as to why I graduated in acting after studying under two other indices. I’ve always preferred lm. And what do I know, I guess I was indecisive. I was seekingmyself. And I’m still looking for myself. All I know is that I really lovewhat I do, and I’mfar from oversaturated. It all seems tome that themore I have roles, the more I love acting. I can tell you how nice a feeling it is when someone compares me to Jean-Paul Belmondo. I would love to have such a career. He did, however, work with the top and legendary directors of his time. Just the lms Breathless and Pierrot le Fou are evergreen enough to make many envy him. And he was an unrivalled character. FATHER UNDER SHADOWS I’m a swot. But each role is di erent for me in terms of approach. I like to read when I’m preparing a character. Through literature I nd similarities and examples that I can use. I then carry themwithme everywhere, and put them in real life situations and watch how they react. And that’s how I learn about them. Newroles impact onmy life. Andeverymoment is the most important one to me. Although there are those that you struggle with more in order for them to remain in your memory. I’m now working on Močvara [Underneath], a TV series with director Oleg Novković, for which Milena Marković is the screenwriter. The character I play is very interesting. I recently completed work on the lm Father, directed by Srdan Golubović. That role cost me quite a lot psychologically and I will remember it for a long time. SHOOTING, PEOPLE AND STRAWBERRIES I love sets for shooting lms and serials. And everything related to them. Co ee and breakfast at the crack of dawn with the crew, that hustle and bustle, night-time lming, having fun, everything... It doesn’t matter whether or not it’s a top production. In the end everything boils down to the team, the individual man. High-end productions narrow the dispersion and focus you solely on your role. There everything is subordinated to the actor and that can easily spoil you. In the end, themost important thing is the project, whether it’s something that inspires you. If it’s something you believe in, then nothing bothers you. And it doesn’t matter if the catering service has strawberries. But, by golly, it’s nice when they do have them. FESTIVAL IN ŠIROKI BRIJEG Whenwe founded itway back in2002, therewereno suchevents. We needed a platform where young artists could show their worth and socialise with one another. We never dreamt that it would grow so much. It is outgrowing us. I believe that culture has a crucial impact on society, especially on youngpeople, and evenmore so in that area. I’ve spent a long time already setting aside an hourly schedule forWHFEST, planning other commitments according to it. That’s how I somehow nd time. We don’t lack plans, just to have the strength. POPULARITY OUT OF FOCUS Popularity has its beautiful sides, but also its gruelling ones. Perhaps I get more jobs because of that. I don’t know. Okay, it’s true, I have to be careful when I drink a little to ensure I don’t strip completely naked in the middle of a cafe. And that’s that. I’malsoaware that I haveadoring fans. I don’t pay much attention to popularity. I strive to live the same as before. I’ve made myself at home in Belgrade and have many friends there. I love that city. I adore its cafe-bars and restaurants. I live in Dorćol, I eat at the restaurant Ćevap at Deki’s Place. Vraćar is also a dear part of the city to me, I’m often at the Monks cafe-bar. I also enjoy lazing around, watching lms, reading. I am not bound by geography. But I’m still accustomed to this geography of ours here. I could easily go anywhere, just for there tobe anopenoption for me to return. Is this good for me in my life? I’d rather say it’s not bad than it’s good. I’d be happy in the future if it was the same as before.