| 85 40 Fingers is currently among the most popular guitar quartets coming from Italy, and it consists of Matteo Brenci, Emanuele Gra tti, EnricoM. Milanesi and Andrea Vittori. These four virtuosos on acoustic guitar are already well known to the Italian music scene, and for their rst concert in Belgrade they’ve announced a repertoire that begins with lmmusic, continues with popular classics and original songs, and culminates with energetic cult melodies and covers of pop and rock hits in a special arrangement for four guitars. Their planetary success began from themoment they recorded their extraordinary version of Bohemian Rhapsody, so we ask them about that for starters. Why Queen in particular? “Bohemian Rhapsody is one of the most famous compositions in the history of rock music, but it’s not just rock. It has the sound of a rock song, the form of a classical music composition, the melody of an opera and the harmony of a jazz standard. It represents the perfect example of fusing di erent worlds, and we like that fusion a lot.” Is there anything that 40 Fingers can’t perform? Have you come across such a composition? “There are compositions that are more suitable than others for performing in instrumental form, especially with acoustic guitars. The most important thing for the success of an arrangement is that the melody is singable, and we always seek a form to highlight that in the most e ective way possible. It’s almost like orchestrating a composition for a string quartet, but with a much more modern sound. Whatever the case, with a little fantasy and a lot of work, it’s possible to play anything.” You’ve also covered other well-known hits. Do you have any favourites? “Our favourite covers are those that required a lot of work on the arrangement. Star Wars is a perfect example, as each guitar takes on the role of a part of the the orchestra of JohnWilliams. It was challenging to condense all the elements of an orchestra into four people!” Other filmmusic is also on the repertoire. What do audiences respond to best? “The audience is ordinarily thrilled when they hear simple compositions that they know and carry in their hearts. because they havemarked signi cant moments in their lives. However, what pleases us very much is the fact that on this tour the audience also likes our arrangements, which are dif- cult and in some ways demanding to listen to. That shows that the listener values and rewards musical quality.” Have you been to Serbia before and what can we expect at your Belgrade concert? “We’ve never been to Serbia, but we’re convinced that we will feel like we can hardly wait to return. We’ll play in a beautiful hall in Belgrade and we’ll give our all. We’ll alternate between performing original compositions from our solo albums that have been arranged for four guitars, arrangements of major rock and pop songs, and lm music.” Tell us why everyone should go to Italy and what they shouldn’t miss? “Despite its political problems, Italy is a magical country. Every region di ers in terms of its own culture, landscape, architecture, food and the character of the people. There is something to visit from north to south, even in the smallest towns. And of course the most beautiful city in Italy is Trieste!” Beogradska publika imaće prvi put priliku da čuje italijansku senzaciju, kvartet koji će na gitarama odsvirati „Boemsku rapsodiju“, muziku iz „Ratova zvezda“ i „Igre prestola“, kao i mnoge druge originalne i obrađene kompozicije u aranžamanima kakve do sada nismo imali priliku da čujemo The Belgrade public will have its rst opportunity to hear the sensational Italian guitar quartet that will perform Bohemian Rhapsody and the music of Star Wars and Game of Thrones, but also many other original pieces and covers in arrangements the likes of which we’ve never previously had a chance to hear