80 | / All threearenativeBelgraders,but they’ve all built brilliant careers abroad.TamaraRađenović is the onlyoperaartist fromtheformer Yugoslavia to enrol in and graduate from the renowned Royal College of Music in London. Also testifying to the strength of her talent is the fact that at the age of 19 she amazed opera legend Montserrat Caballé, and the fact that she shines brightly in NewYork’s Carnegie Hall. DavidBižić haswonover the hearts of audiences worldwide, performing at New York’sMetropolitan, theNationalTheatre in Paris, the royal operas of Madrid and Sweden, Covent Garden, the Bolshoi Theatre etc. He is a star of theMetropolitanwhohas conquerednumerousworldoperahouses, whileĐorđeNešić is apianist répétiteur tutor and professor at Carnegie Mellon University. We spoke with Tamara about the upcoming concert andher fascinatingopera career. She says that she’s beenplaying the piano since she was six, but that her love for opera emerged quite by accident. Themajority of her favourite roles are linked to the classical repertoire, to works written between the 1600s and the early 20th century. The avant-garde has not enticed her as yet, but she says she’ll also pay closerattentiontoit.Withanawareness that opera is oftenperceived as elitism, Tamara considers that there are ways to approach awider audience –byplacingo ers on social networks, or throughmodernproductions that recast olderworks in time frames that are closer tous.“Operamusic belongs to those who understand it, regardless of the social class towhich they belong,”says Tamara with certainty. Success for her is amere incidental reward fordealingwithone’sbelovedcalling, while she says that the essence is strength coupledwiththoughtsandfeelings, asurge of immenseemotionalenergyandthefeedback of the audience. “In order to achieve success in opera houses around the world, it is necessary - apart from a great love for the arts – to have faith inyourself, avision, adesiretoadvance, perseverance, discipline, greatwork andsupport,”shesays,withoutoverlooking thevery important factorof luck,whichwas perhaps alsocrucial for her, at leastwhen it came to her meeting Montserrat Caballé. “I was accepted into her masterclass as the youngest inclusion, and I vividly remember themoment she walked into the hall of theAuditoriodeZaragoza,withdark glasses, ru esonaclosedcollarblouseand a distinctive hairstyle.” Tamara got the chance to sing in the concert series “The Most Beautiful Voices of Montserrat Caballé”with only 11 other students of her masterclass. “I think she foundme likeablebecause Iwasbrave, but that shealso likedmyvoice. I performedwith themfor twoconsecutive years, and I also socialisedwithMontserrat privately. She kept a photo of Maria Callas on her piano, despite them being rivals,” says Tamara, adding that many signi cant performances still seemunreal toher today. “That’s a special state of mind when you must maintain seriousness and focus on what awaits you on stage, while you are overwhelmed by emotions due to having the chance to convey to your audience something that’s most sincere from your soul.” That which shementions asmost sincere iswhat this trio,whobelongtobothus and the rest of theworld, will convey to the audience of Kolarac Hall through famous arias from Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro, Puccini’sLabohème,GeorgesBizet’sThe Pearl Fishers and Charles Gounod’s Faust. Aspecial spicewill beprovidedby Spanish and Italian songs, aswell as pianoworks by Debussy and Rachmanino , which is why this 11th April concert at Kolarac is something you mustn’t miss out on. DAVID BIŽIĆ: TOPLA BEOGRADSKA PUBLIKA – Za umetnika ne postoji veće zadovoljstvo i uzbuđenje od toga da svoje delo podeli sa publikom uživo – smatra bariton David Bižić. Njemu svaki izlazak na scenu predstavlja jedinstveni osećaj „neočekivanog i neukroćenog“, u ipak kontrolisanoj situaciji. Susret sa beoradskom publikom nakon 10 godina znači mu još više jer su to, kako kaže, njegovi ljudi sa kojima deli deo života, iskustva i istoriju. – Beogradska publika je uvek važila za toplu publiku, onu pred kojom se svako oseća dobrodošlim. Beograđani su oduvek dobri domaćini koji će za gosta uraditi i više nego što treba – otkriva Bižić, zbog čega se naročito raduje ovom koncertu. DAVID BIŽIĆ: WARM BELGRADE AUDIENCE “There is no greater pleasure and excitement for an artist than when he can share his work with a live audience,” in the opinion baritone David Bižić. Every appearance on stage for him represents a unique feeling of the “unexpected and untamed”, in a nonetheless controlled situation. His encounter with the Belgrade audience after 10 years means even more to him, because, as he says, those are his people, with whom he shares part of his life, experiences and history. “The Belgrade audience has always been know for being warm, an audience in front of which everyone feels welcome. Belgraders have always been good hosts who will do more than they need to for their guest,” says Bižić, explaining why he is particularly looking forward to this concert. Beograđani su oduvek dobri domaćini koji će za gosta uraditi i više nego što treba Belgraders have always been good hosts who will do more than they need to for their guest David Bižić