| 71 Moćna „Instagram“ družina diktira trendove, pa se iza nekoliko haštagova o biljkama krije više miliona posetilaca... Dakle, valja imati biljku o kojoj brinete ako pitate prosečnog milenijalca. I to ne jednu, nego više njih. A ako je jedna, nek je vredna – mislimo velika The powerful Instagram society dictates trends, so behind a few hashtags about plants hide millions of visitors... Thus, it’s worth having a plant to worry about if you ask the average millennial. And not one but many. And if it is only one then let it be valuable – we mean big Although we all know that plants are useful, beautiful, seek care and reciprocate withbeauty, at onepoint they were banished from most homes completely unjusti ably. Well, now they are back. Andwe hope that they are here to stay. Judgingby increases inpurchases of plants andmanuals for their cultivation, it seems obvious that they will continue to be trendy for a long time to come. Much has been said and written about millennials who refuse to live by the established rules, who avoid o ce work whilst simultaneously restoring some true values to the focus of interest. Alongside recycling and talk of sustainability in every sense, house plants have also returned to the fore. It is enough to type“#plants”intoyour Instagrambrowser and continue scrolling through the feed toeasily seewhichplants areamong the favourites and to get ideas on how to present them. Unusually, they are interested in ordinary plants that are easy to grow, while at the same time theways inwhich theyarearrangedare completely innovative. Plants hang from the ceiling, stand on plinths or curl around mirrors… Of course, howevermuch newgenerations love plants, nature and thewhole organic story, plants need tobephotographed well. When it comes to popularity, the convincing number one is a monster, a plant with large, interesting leaves that dominate an interior and simultaneously introduce a touch of exoticism to contemporary homes. Ficus g plants and thick succulents of various kinds appear further down the list of popular plants. Also popular are creepers, which di er from the old ones in that they are no longer standing on high shelves, but rather hanging from the ceiling. Thenewgenerationcanalsobecredited with the idea of going high when you’re unable to go wide. And thus they’ve developed various options for greenwalls from special types of plants, mostly mosses that can survive in such a setting. Instead of the once dominant mini libraries, high shelves along walls are now stacked with pots of aunting plants. Those abandoned glass jars from the basement have also found their use, and if you place holders along the entirewall and attachplant pots, don’t hesitate – take a picture and head straight for Instagram. iStock / FollowTheFlow iStock / zayatssv