| 67 Myheart isbeatingfast. I’mcovering a FormulaOne race for the rst time. I’vebeenfollowingthecompetitionfor years, wasa fanof the legendarySchumacherand hadadesire tophotographFormulaOne. I got theopportunity todoso veyears ago, and in Monaco of all places. I stand beside the famous Mirabeau Corner with telephoto lenses and wait to catchwide shots of driverswho, dressed in their full gear, more resemble robots than humanbeings.Whatever event I’vephotographed, I always tried to ndwithin it the humanside,buthere... itsimplywasn’t there. Whenyou’reanagencyphotographer, youalwaysneed to ndabalancebetween recording an event and creating a photo. One that’sdi erent andwill benoticed. For me, the latter is always the most beautiful challenge during Formula 1. That’swhy oneofmy favouritetechniques is“panning”, which you can also see in these photos - the Formula One event is in focus, while the background is blurred to give an impression of speed. And then there’s the human element. It’seasiestwhenthewinner celebrates,with champagne and all that goes with it, but sometimes you get lucky, like when Lewis Hamilton leapt into the crowd. Something like that is rarely seen. Adrenaline, glamour, the sound and the smell of speed... How all of that can be captured in the blink of an eye is revealed to us by France-Presse photojournalist Andrej Isaković ahead of the new Formula One season Šestostruki šampion Formule 1 Luis Hamilton proslavlja pobedu na stazi Silverston u Engleskoj Six-time Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton celebrates victory at the Silverstone track in England Hamilton se sprema da uđe u svoj bolid za vreme treninga u Bahreinu Hamilton prepares to enter his vehicle during training in Bahrain Ferarijev vozač Čarls Leklerk okružen fotografima na stazi u Bahreinu Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc surrounded by photographers on the Bahrain track