60 | , / , with them - just like AVTR with its owner/driver/passenger. The creatures and organisms fromAvatar’s world of Pandora served as the inspiration and starting point for developing other elements of the car, so the entire rear is covered with 33 independent elements that resemble bionic aps, while actually resembling the scaly lizards from the lm – they move independently in order to assist aerodynamically in manoeuvring the vehicle, while simultaneously also serving as solar panels. The wheels, which resemble those of today’s cars only in number and partly in shape, actually borrowed their form and appearance from the seeds of Avatar’s “Tree of Souls”, as they pulsate in the same way and seem to grow organically and independently. That’s also how they turn, allowing the car not only to go straight forward or backward, but alsodiagonally, thereby expanding its manoeuvrability greatly. The interior is a special story and represents a complete turnaround in design compared to the Mercedes tradition. It arose fromvirtuallyone line that ows andspills intoeverypart of the space, andwithin it there are no buttons or switches, only one eld which is touched by the palm to create an instant connectionwith the vehicle – functions and controls are projected as hologramsonto thehand, and theperson connected through it to the car receives all information from the environment, while the car changes the ambient lighting and illuminated lines on the body to show the current mood and feelings of the passenger by“scanning”their breathing rhythm and heart rate... Given all of the aforementioned, it probably isn’t necessary to note that even the smallest parts of the car are made of eco-friendlymaterials and that it uses, for example, textiles that change colour depending on the angle of light or a micro bre from recycled PET packaging, a special kind of bamboo-like rattan from Indonesia... The engine, of course, is orientated towards zero emissions. The batteries (recyclable, made of graphene), with a capacity of 110kWh, are capable of carrying the AVTR up to 700 kilometres on one charge, which allows for long and comfortable driving. Even today, and probably also in the distant future. When it comes tothesource of inspiration, fans of Cameron’s work are eagerly awaiting the continuation of the saga, which should include as many as ve parts by 2027. The premiere of thesecondparthadbeenscheduled for last December, when the car was also unveiled, but it has been postponed until the end of this year. Fans are impatient, but so are car lovers – not only to see the new adventures of Neytiri and Jake Sully, but also about the possibility that the sequelwill bringnewinspiration to car designers... AVTR karoserija podseća na skulpturu fluidnih linija The AVTR body is more reminiscent of a sculpture with fluid lines