| 43 „Naš muzej filma“, stalna postavka Jugoslovenske kinoteke, provešće vas kroz čarobne godine pokretnih slika, dozvoliti da zavirite u „Carsku panoramu“, kao i da se sretnete sa Karlom Maldenom, Čarlijem Čaplinom, Gagom, Milenom i drugim velikanima kinematografije If you walk down Vasina Street, then continue on to Uzun Mirkova, you will nd yourself in a part of the city that you can freely refer to as its artistic central vein. Located there are the Ethnographic Museum, Kolarac EndowmentHall, theBelgradePhilharmonicOrchestra, but alsoOurMuseumof Film, thepermanent exhibition of theYugoslav Cinematheque. In front of the entrance youwill be greeted by a smiling, brilliant Karl Malden, who was born as Mladen Sekulović to a Serb father and a Czech mother, and who conquered the world, winning an Oscar for his role in the lmA Streetcar NamedDesire and performing brilliantly in Patton and On theWaterfront... Alongsidehimsmilesthefaceof thelegendaryMijaAleksić,andbothofthemwelcomevisitors totheYugoslavCinemathequeanditspermanent exhibition, calledOurMuseumofFilm,whichencompasses initscollectionvaluableexhibits from thehistoryandprehistoryof lmandwhichpresents the development of domestic lmart. The YugoslavCinemathequeisamongtheworld’soldest lmarchives, and isalsooneof themost valuable holdings, as it preservesmore than100,000 lms invarious formats,whilethepermanentexhibition presents only a fraction of the wealth it possesses.Alargenumberofexhibitsareexhibitedontwolevels, thoughmovingpicturesnaturallydominate. SpeakingtoElevate,Cinematheque Director Jugoslav Pantelić says that the new exhibition was prepared carefully and over a long time, and that it has only presented part of its most valuable possessions to the public. “Themostcommonlyrepresentedelements are naturallymoving pictures, but there are also valuable elements from the technical collection andobjects inlegacies, thoughwehaven’tavoidedthebene tsofmoderntenology.Wehavebeen abletodisplayhugenumbersof lmpostersand inserts,becausethemonitorsallowonetoreplace theother.Our lmmuseumis importantbecause iteducatesyoungpeopleandallguestsofSerbia when it comes to the development of lm, from the very beginning to the end of the 20th century. If you’re interested in the culture of the country, our rich cinematography, it is extremely important that you informyourself in the rightway and ndout how it developed and acquired the attributes it has in theworld today,”says Pantelić. In front of the public every day will be the ImperialPanoramawhichisexhibitedalongwith otherelements fromtheprehistoryof lmonthe lower levelof theexhibition.Hereyouwillbeable toseetheEdison’skinetoscope,theLumièrebroth- Our museum of lm, as a permanent exhibition of the Yugoslav Cinematheque Film Archives, will transport you through the magical years of moving pictures, allow you to peek through the Imperial Panorama, but also enable you to meet Karl Malden, Charlie Chaplin, Gaga, Milena and other greats of cinematography