| 37 Smeštena pored reke, uz Sava promenadu, Galerija Belgrade je mesto za celu porodicu Situated beside the river, next to the Sava Promenade, Galerija Belgrade is a place for the whole family Belgrade’s streets, passageways and squares have often inspired artists, and they also proved inspirational to the designers of Galerija Belgrade - the largest centre of shopping, entertainment and gastronomy in the region, which is set to open its doors this September as part of the Belgrade Waterfront development. The vibrant atmosphere of the Serbian capital has been encapsulated in the architecture of this uniqueedi ce thatwill encompass anareaas largeas 300,000 squaremetres. Belgrade’scharacteristicenjoymentofdrinking co ee, having lunchwith friends or indulging in a late dinner at one of the restaurants with a unique concept gain a whole new dimension when they happen on the riverbank itself, in breaks between the best shopping in the capital. The shops of many global and domestic brands will be spread across thematic zones - fromfashion and cosmetics to sports and technology. Apart from this, renowned cafe-bars and restaurants, as well as previously unseen entertainment formats inSerbia,will bringtoBelgradeacompletelynewconcept of fun and relaxation. Galerija Belgrade conveys the feeling of shopping outdoors into an indoor space. The dome and parts of the roof allow daylight to enter, while the surrounding streets “ ow” into the building, thus erasing the boundaries between the exterior andthe interior,whilewideavenuesandsquares,with lighting similar to that common to streets, createa city-likeatmosphere in this shopping centre. Situated beside the river, next to the Sava Promenade, Galerija Belgrade is aplacewhere thewhole family can spend theday, shopping, goingtothecinemaandenjoyingother entertainment formats, aswell as excellent food.Theuniquepositioningof cafe-bars and restaurants,whichworkuntil late into the eveninghours, enables unobstructedviews of the river andenjoyment innatural surroundings. GalerijaBelgrade, the new heart of the capital, is a must-see location for everyone.