iStock / PanosKarapanagiotis | 111 you to /SOLUN THESSALONIKI TIMES A WEEK LETIMO DIREKTNO DO SOLUNA WE HAVE DIRECT FLIGHTS TO THESSALONIKI 3 Osim do austrijske prestonice, putnici iz Šumadije moći će sa svog aerodroma u Kraljevu da lete i do drugog grčkog grada po veličini, koji bi po lepoti možda mogao da bude i prvi In addition to the Austrian capital, travellers from Šumadija will be able to y from their airport in Kraljevo to the second largest Greek city, which might be the rst in terms of beauty WE TAKE OFF FROM KRALJEVO TO THESSALONIKI Air Serbia will introduce seasonal ights between Kraljevo and Thessaloniki as of 31st March. We will y fromMorava Airport to the second largest city in Greece three times a week, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Tickets are already on sale. “With the introduction of a new route from the third airport in Serbia that we are ying from, we are continuing to expand our o er. We look forward to enabling travellers from the regions of Western Serbia and Šumadija to y to their favourite Greek tourist destination under the most favourable conditions,” said Boško Rupić, Head of Trade & Corporate Sales at Air Serbia. The rst Air Serbia ights from Morava Airport to Vienna were established in December 2019. The route to the Austrian capital operates throughout the year.