| 101 I could return to Zlatibor for a second, twelfth and twenty-ninth time. And I will always feel tingling anticipation as we travel towards it. It’s wonderful at any time of year, but is perhaps most wonderful with the awakening of early spring. Even if rain is falling heavily outside, you can always light a re in the hearth, open a bottle of wine, play some light music, slice some pršut ham and cheese…Or visit one of the many spa centres and there indulge in a di erent kind of enjoyment. You can start your day on Zlatibor with the perfect ‘complete bread bun’, home made sour milk and spicy rakija brandy at the Krčma Gaj inn. For all lovers of dough and pies, be sure not to miss the home made gibanica cheese pie. I wouldn’t leave the inn all day. While treating your taste buds, youcan ll your eyeswithscenes of greenery. Spring has made e orts to ensure you have the perfect atmosphere. After the Krčma inn, just half an hour away, you are awaited by a generous gift of nature, the Gostilje Waterfall. I visited it for the rst time this year and was extremely impressed with the landscaping of the area and the beauty of thewaterfall. Entrance is charged, but costs just 150 dinars for adults and 100 dinars for children. After this natural wonder, you can continue on to Sirogojno, the“OldVillage” outdoor museum. Here you will have the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the way people from this region lived from the mid 19th century to the early 20th century. Along the way you might encounter a herd of cows – a real opportunity to take a sel e with them. You can explore over 50 structures on ve hectares of land, checking out the architecture and internal organisation, the rooms where they slept, rolled tobacco, raisedbees and produced dairy products. Admission to themuseumcosts 150 dinars. Fortify yourself with natural raspberry or cherry juice. They are both refreshing and bring you happiness. Just 15minutes away fromSirogojno you will come across Stopića Cave, a place that I’ve already visited twice and where it’s really a joy to see employees working constantly. Visitors currently have available 280 metres to explore, of a total of 1,691. Duringmy rst visit three years ago, we weren’t able to climb up to see the limestone tufa “bathtubs”, the greatest treasure of this cave. Entrance to the cave costs 250 dinars and you will be assigned your own guide. You can end your day with dinner at the Bajo Restaurant in the village of Mackat. I’ve never eaten better lamb. Recommendations for restaurants with good food on Zlatibor include the restaurants Rujno and Dunav [Danube], as well as the Feniks [Phoenix] sweet pastry shop. All that’s left for you todo is book your accommodation and pack your bags.Youstill haven’tdone that?What are you waiting for?! Posle Sirogojna, samo 15 minuta dalje, možete naići na Stopića pećinu Just 15 minutes away from Sirogojno you will come across Stopića Cave