| 97 EUROPE’SMOST BEAUTIFUL FORESTS This national park encompasses the majority of Tara Mountain, which is located in the far west of Serbia, along the border with Bosnia-Herzegovina, beside the meandering ow of the River Drina between the towns of Višegrad and Bajina Bašta. Apart from the canyon of the Drina valley, distinguishing themselves in terms of beauty and wildness are the canyons of the rivers Rača, Brusnica and Derventa, as well as the attractive Mali andVeliki Skakavac (Small and Large Grasshopper) waterfalls on the river Rzav. Tara Mountain is known for its lush, dense, autochthonous coniferous forests, whichmake it the most heavily forestedmountain in Serbia and across Europe. Of the more than 1,000 species of plants, 20 can only be found here, the best known of which is the Serbian spruce, Pančićeva omorika. Vegetation here comprises 35 forests and nine meadow communities, the most prevalent of which are mixed spruce, r and beech woods, while of special value are its spruce, r and black and white pines. Apart fromnumerous hiking tours, you can tour the Canyon of the River Drina by boat, voyaging across the lake by departing fromPerućac. If you want to familiarise yourself with all the beauty, you would be best advised to call employees of the national park, while all information is available vie the website NACIONALNI PARK TARA TaraNational Park iStock / banet12