| 91 Zadar is known as a city where you can nicely “thicken up”, with dishes cooked under a ceramic bell or, as Zadar natives call it, a peka, under which you can usually smell the aroma of lamb, veal and octopus Zadar jepoznat kaogradu kojemse lepo„gušta“uz jela ispodsača ili, kakoZadrani kažu, peke, ispodkoje najčešćezamirišu jagnjetina, teletina i hobotnica More je hrana za oči i dušu, a tradicionalna dalmatinska kuhinja za čula mirisa i stomak. Zadar je poznat kao grad u kojem se lepo „gušta“ uz jela ispod sača ili, kako Zadrani kažu, peke, ispod koje najčešće zamirišu jagnjetina, teletina i hobotnica, što uz kvalitetna vina iz ovog podneblja garantuje pravi užitak. – Po završetku obilaska grada, dok se još sležu utisci, svakakomorate da posetite poznatu i nedavno renoviranu konobu Skoblar, gde možete kroz jedno gastronomsko putovanje upoznati Zadar u svoj svojoj biti. I nemojte da žalite ako popijete koju čašu vina više, mi kao domaćini to i očekujemo od vas. When you’re born by the sea, it’s quite natural that your love for waves and endless blue waters also determines your work as a sailor, which was the case with Toni Opačić, a student of themaritime faculty at the University of Zadar and a photographerwho leavesmany followers breathlesswithhis photographs on his Toni_Opacic Instagram pro le. As he says, for him Zadar is much more than a place to live, and it isprimarily composedof its residents, whohave for years been trying toensure the city retains its status as oneof Croatia’smost beautiful coastal cities and tourist destinations. “Zadar has itsowndynamismandexcitement that reaches a peak during summer. I think that comes to the fore the most during the evenings, when most of the people, both locals and guests, gather in the core of the old town, where you can hear the local klapa, a cappella, song, or“letter”, and when an atmosphere simply reigns in which the charm of the city of Zadar itself is hidden. It’s best to start a tour from our widely renownedRiva, because some of themost attractive places that must be visited are in its immediate vicinity. And for a panoramic view of the city I recommend the bell tower of the Cathedral of St. Anasasia, [In Croatian St. Stošija], which provides the most beautiful view of the city and its immediate surroundings,” says Toni. He assumes that every tourist will be left speechless by the Sea Organ and the Greeting to the Sunmonument of famous local architect Nikola Basić, then the Church of St Donatus, which is also a symbol of the City of Zadar, the forti ed Zadar walls that are included on the UNESCO World Heritage List end the Museum of Ancient Glass on the Muraj promenade. This is just part of what Zadar has to o er and what you can enjoy, because its history dates back a full three thousand years. “The most beautiful beaches are de nitely located on the nearby islands of the Zadar Archipelago. These are, rst of all, Veli žal beach on the long islet (Dugi Otok), then the cove andbeachof Bošanaon the islandof Pag, Bokuljabeach in the village of Slivnica, Muline Beach on the island of Ugljan,”says Toni, revealing the secrets of Zadar, adding that he will remain quiet about some places, because it’s better to discover something on the spot. One special factor beside the sea here is certainly the large number of cafes and restaurants with terraces o ering unhindered enjoyment in beautiful sunsets. “In Zadar there’s a large number of places where you can enjoy views of the sea, but for me there’s one place that deserves special attention – Beach Bar Bamboo, which is located in the part of the city known as Puntamika.With good music, gooddrinks andhigh-quality sta , here you canexperience some of the world’s most beautiful sunsets.” The sea is food for the eyes and the soul, while traditional Dalmatian cuisine is food for one’s sense of smell and stomach. Zadar is known as a city where you can nicely“thicken up”, with dishes cooked under a ceramic bell or, as Zadar natives call it, a peka, under which you can usually smell the aroma of lamb, veal and octopus, which – accompanied by the high-quality wines of this region – guarantees real enjoyment. “After completing a tour of the city, while impressions are still settling, you simply must visit the famous and recently renovated Skoblar tavern, where you can take a gastronomic journey to acquaint yourself with the essence of Zadar. Anddon’t regret drinkingone glass of wine toomany, we, as hosts, expect that of you.” iStock / xbrchx