| 83 – Ako odete, obavezno prošetajte ulicom Krasna. Ona se vikendom zatvara za saobraćaj, pa se petkom u 8 sati uveče sa svih strana sliju se u nju reke ljudi – pešaci, biciklisti, muzičari, slikari i svi oni koji žele da u mirnoj i lepoj atmosferi provedu vikend – priča oduševljenoMilan i kroz smeh kaže da je često danju zaboravljao da jede od silnih utisaka, pa je glad osećao tek uveče. – Krasnodar i njegova glavna ulica pune su kafe-barova, pa bilo gde može da se proba dobar čaj, ali i votka. Sa druge strane, na mene je najveći utisak ostavila poslastica po imenu kolomenska pastila, koja je nalik našoj piti sa jabukama, a naravno, nisam propustio ni priliku da probam čuveni boršč. Numerous monuments, historical recollections of some tougher former times, adorn the parks and streets of Krasnodar Brojni spomenici, istorijska sećanja na neka teška, prošla vremena, krase parkove i ulice Krasnodara A love for sport and travel has somehow fused in the career of sports journalist Milan Zarić, who – despite being tender in years – quickly became one of the favourite reporters among readers, and thus an integral part of Blic’s sports editorial department.Milanguides us throughKrasnodar, one of Russia’s most beautiful cities, which is also known as the country’s southern capital. “I arrived in Krasnodar during the night and could hardly wait for the morning. It’s inadequate to say that I was thrilled! Both by thecitycentre itself andthemainKrasnayaStreet,which isenriched by incredible architecture. A special impression was left on me by Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, but also many other monuments of cultureandhistory.Moreover, thepeopleof Krasnodar arealsovery kind and accommodating, making every e ort to ease the stay of every tourist in this city. On thebasis of everything I saw, there’s absolutely no doubt why Krasnodar is justi ably considered the capital of southernRussia,”saysMilan, beginningthestoryofhisadventure that was Krasnodar, before continuing... “Thecityboastsareasofgreenery andnatural beauty, all ofwhich leaves a special impression, while there’s also the Black Sea. What impressed me wasthereasonformyvisit: thestadium of the Krasnodar Football Club, which looks incredible and for people from our country resembles a“space ship”.” Like many European cities, KrasnodaralsohasaTriumphalArch,which Milanwasunable tocomparewiththe one inParis, because he has yet to visit the French capital, but he does say that it left a strong impressiononhim. “I was thrilled by its appearance and was unable to look away from it for a long time, as well as the other monumentsituatednearby. Ihavenice recollectionsof this structure, particularlygiventhat it is toppedbyamonument to St. George, and immediately in front of it is a bust of Marshal Zhukov. Emotions are also evoked by the lists of the names of those who perished inWorldWar II inscribed on the Triumphal Arch,” explains Milan, adding that the greatest impression was probably left on him by the architecture of the city, as he is a great lover of epochal edi ces. He says that he fell in love with this city and will certainly return at some point. “If you visit, you must be sure to stroll along Krasnaya Street. It is closed to tra c at the weekends, so on Fridays at eight o’clock in the evening it is awash with a river of people – pedestrians, cyclists,musicians, painters, andall thosewantingtospendtheirweekend in a tranquil and pleasant atmosphere,” says a delighted Milan, who adds through a smile that he often forgot to eat during the days, due to his mass of impressions, and only started feeling hungry during the evenings. “Krasnodar and itsmain street are lledwith café-bars, so you can try some good tea, but also vodka, anywhere. On the other hand, the greatest impression was left on me by the sweet treat known as Kolomensky Pastels, which is similar to Serbian apple pie, while I also, of course, didn’t miss out on the chance to try the famous borscht.” Grad poseduje ogromne površine zelenila i prirodne lepote, a tu je i Crno more The city boasts areas of greenery and natural beauty, while there’s also the Black Sea iStock / alhook1