| 77 JovanaKvržićperhapsrepresentsgenuine proof that travels and studies can be perfectly compatible, because she has spent the last three years simultaneously studyingsuccessfully and touring theworld. Today, besides continuing her doctoral studies in pharmacy, she can also boast of the fact that she has toured almost 50 countries and seen three oceans.Withher blog,‘Jovana’s life ina suitcase’, sheprovides loversof travelwithuseful and interesting information,while for us shedecidedtoshareher impressionsofHelsinki, one of Europe’smost northerly cities. “Finlandprimarilyattractedmebecause of itsmagni centnature, andthehomeland of FatherChristmas can’thelpbut sound interesting.Helsinki has found itselfonthe list as the rst stop in Scandinavia, due to the suitability of its location for touring this region (by boat, over landor by plane). Apart from that, I’ve read a lot about their way of life, which di ers from the one to which we’re accustomed.” Despitenot knowinganyone inHelsinki, shewasn’t afraidtoembarkonanadventure in this city that’s also known as an urban art gallery. “Although the people seemed, at rst glance, to be a little cold and reserved, the city exudes positive energy. No one is in a rush, while tolerance and organisation are at the highest level. In terms of architecture, Helsinki really has lots to o er, from themost modern skyscrapers to buildings dating back over 400 years,” says Jovana, adding that the Kamppi Chapel, the Chapel of Silence, oneof themost famousworks of Finnishwoodenarchitectureandaplace whereyoucan ndrespite, issomethingthat de nitely shouldn’t be missed. “Silencehasbecomea luxury in recent times and it isonlywhenvisitingsuchplaces as this that I realise howmuch we need it. I was evenuncomfortable extractingmy cameratotakeapictureof somethingthere, because every soundwould spoil the tranquillity that prevails.” Giventhat shevisitedFinland inFebruary, she didn’t have an opportunity to enjoy seeing one of the Helsinki phenomena that is the natural oasis of the Esplanadi, a park lled with people reading books, but she did manage to con rm for herself that the Finnish are the nation that reads most by visiting libraries. With another phenomenonof Finland, saunas, she hadmore luck. “Iheardthat therearemoresaunas than cars in Finland and that they are extremely popular. Advertisements for spa centres are everywhere, but almost every house alsohas its ownprivate sauna,”noted Jovana. When it comes to local specialities, it is obligatory to try the sweet buns known as Pulla, which are traditionally served alongside co ee. The best ones, says Jovana, are foundat theCaféEsplanad in theveryheart of the city. “Justarmyourselfwithpatience,because thiscaféhaswiderenownandisoftenpacked with visitors. Also be sure to try their Kalakukkoa speciality, a kindof bread lledwith small sh, the best examples of which can be eaten on the Kauppatori Market Square. Additionally, thismarket provides beautiful viewsof thesea,”says Jovana, addingthat although she’s not a lover of beer herself, she recommends that visitors spendanevening visitingsomeofHelsinki’smost famousbrewery/beer-houses -StadinPanimobaari,BrewDog and Bryggeri, where standard ales are served alongside craft beers. Obavezno probajte specijalitet kalakukoa, hleb punjen sitnom ribom Be sure to try their Kalakukkoa speciality, a kind of bread filled with small fish The Chapel of Silence is one of the most famous works of Finnish wooden architecture and a place for rest Kapelaćutanja čuvenojedelofinske drvenearhitekturei mestogdemožeteda seodmorite iStock / SoiliJussila