| 67 “It’s hot and sweaty... It’s a swamp and it’s a yuck – a horrible kind of place, a seaplane hangar – and 14,000 people are packed in there, and they’re sweaty... Jim has seen The Living Theatre (a theatre troupe that experimented with confronting thepublic) andhe’s going todohis version of The Living Theatre... He’s going to showtheseFloridapeoplewhatpsychedelic West Coast shamanismand confrontation is all about,”saidManzarek speakingabout that evening.Heclaimeduntil hisdyingday in 2013 that the audience had collectively experienced a “religious hallucination”. “Morrisonwavedhisshirt infrontof the crowd and asked them if they wanted to see more. And the audience wanted that, but I swear that Jim never did it. That was one of those mass hallucinations,” wrote TheDoorskeyboardist inhisautobiography. Before the end of the concert, the band had played a little Light My Fire, Jim was thrown into the crowd, the madness reached fever-pitch, and then the Miami masseswenthome, andJim ewtotheCaribbean for abreak. Andnobody suspected that thepresswouldblowtheeventsof the concert up tounprecedentedproportions, and that there would be no end of media spin. Itwaswritten in theMiami Heraldthat Morrison, who doesn’t shy away from obscenity, indecently exposed himself, incited a riot and becoming violent... All that was left was for him to blamed for several murders for the picture to be complete. And politicians also didn’t fail to react (it’s worth remembering that war was underway in Vietnam and Richard Nixon was in power, andThe Doors represented a great target for settling accounts) and do something against the denigration with which The Doors were poisoning the youth. A group of high school pupils even held a protest, andevenHooverdidn’t remainquiet.HisFBIplayedits role,warningof thepossibility of racial violence and claiming that Morrison had tried to cause chaos among the huge crowd of young people. The following Wednesday, 5th March, theCityofMiami issuedawarrant for thearrestof JamesDouglasMorrison.Thecharge was signed by an o cial who had attended the concert and worked for the state prosecutor. The e ect on the future of The Doors came astonishingly quickly. Miami was due tomark the start of amajor tour of the United States, but as the news spread far andwide, concert halls cancelledagreements one by one. Even Morrison’s adoring fans from rockmagazines turned their back on him. Rolling Stone led the circus bypublishinga leadphotoentitled“Wanted inDadeCounty”. Radiostations stopped playingtheir songs, andduringthosetough 18 months before Jim had even stood in front of a judge and jury, the public has alreadycarriedout their collectivecruci xion. WhilethenationalmediamockedMorrison ruthlessly, the nal chapter was being prepared in Dade County. Morrison vs the. Establishment. The trial began on 12th August 1970 and lasted for 40 days. The youngest jury member was aged 42. Jim was convicted of open vulgarity and indecent exposure. The verdict was under the appeal processwhenhecompletedhis seventh album, and many say one of his best albums, with amassive return to the blues - LAWoman. It wasn’t long after theMiami scandal that Jim decided to quit the band, and in March 1970 he moved to Paris. He intended to take a break from concerts and concentrate only on writing. “The troublewithall thesebusts is that people I know, friends of mine, think it’s funny and they like to believe it’s true and they accept it; people that don’t like me like to believe it because I’m the reincarnation of everything they consider evil. I get hung bothways,”said Jim in a 1971 interview.That year, inApril, he also released his last, seventh album, just three months prior to his death. James Douglas Morrison died in Paris on 3rd July 1971. In the space of just a year, the world had also been left without Jimi HendrixandJanice Joplin. All threeof them were aged 27when they died, and they all became legends. Morrison perhaps didn’t belong in the present of that time, but it was more than clear that he belonged to the future. That’s because he’s never beenmore alive and in uential in the minds of millions of people around theworld.Thegenerations that Jim tried to reach emerged from their long-held silence to correct a few oldmistakes and relay the memory of a guy who only spent ve years actively creating, and whosepoetryendeavoured to freeus from a limited life. The Miami incident and its rami cations set Morrison on a road that culminated in death, but the legend lives on Incident uMajamiju i njegove posledice poslali suMorisona na put koji se završio smrću, ali legenda je i dalje živa Rej Manzarek je do svoje smrti 2013. godine tvrdio da je publika doživela religioznu halucinaciju u Majamiju Ray Manzarek claimed until his dying day in 2013 that the audience had collectively experienced a “religious hallucination” in Miami