52 | / morning Imaintainaspeci c regimeofdiet, thoughts, behaviour, perfume, creams... BecauseMarijaKalić isn’t thesameasZagorka, for example. And a favourite role? - None of themresembleme, but they all lefttraces.ThecharacterofCharlotteinthe play“AutumnSonata”isparticularly important anddear tome. I’veplayedeverything I wanted to play. You lived in America. Did you have a desire to act in Hollywood? - I neverwanted that. I workedwithdirector Dušan Makavejev on one American co-production, but thatwasn’t it. I seriously anddeeply love this country andnation, as dishevelled as it is. They get on my nerves every day, but it’s my choice to be here. In myBelgrade,HercegNovi,Aranđelovac,London... I don’t want to be anywhere else. I know who I am. I haven’t accepted myself anywhereelse.This ismy language,myculture. I’ve also acquaintedmyself withwork ontheBroadwaystage.Theyclaimedtome that I couldenter every actingensemble in America. I wasn’t interested. I have Terazije Theatre. On Broadway they have special oors so that the actors can slide on the stage, microphones in their hair... And we rst performed here on plain boards that left splinters in our socks and only later received linoleum. But if I’d had more comfortableworkingconditions, Iwouldn’thave tried so hard. Youdon’treadnewspapersandaren’t on social networks... -Yes, and it’sbeenthatway for30years. Theytellmethat inthemediatherearesome reality stars, and I don’t knowwhat that is?! I go to the theatre, that’s what I love. Those close to me tell me that if war breaks out I won’t have a clue, and I ignorantly respond to that by saying that I couldn’t care less. I took on my own protection against everything. I pray to God; I believe in him and live with him. When you analyse yourself today, the path you’ve journeyed, what do you think? -The adultTanjaBoškovićdidn’t betray Tanja the little girl or Tanja the young lady. I’mhappywithwhat I’vebecome. Igotmuch more love than I deserved in every way. I’m livingasecondyouth, and I planto live for at least200years. Ibelievethatinsomeotherlife Iwasborn in the secondhalf of the19th century in Russia. I livedhalf of the 20th century, andnowwe’re inthe21st century.Timeactually doesn’t exist. I don’t feelmy age. I forget unpleasantness immediately.We’reresponsible for our choices. I choose only themost fantastic pearls and jewels in everything on a daily basis. I’m hit hard by the departures ofdearpeople, as ifpartof theskyabovemy headhas ownaway.Onedaywe’ll allbetogether in eternity. There is no actress that's more controversial than I am. The rst critiques of my acting cut me down ruthlessly, to which professor Predrag Bajčetić commented: a dog barks, and the wind carries Ne postoji osporavanija glumica od mene. Prve kritike moje glume su me surovo sekle, a profesor Predrag Bajčetić ih je prokomentarisao: „Pas laje, a vetar nosi“ and that he ismarried. I thenknowthat this isn’t true, because he opted for some other woman and not for me. I really wanted togetmarried, triedhardwithmy relationships, and didn’t succeed, God didn’t give that to me. All the men with whom I had an emotional story ended up leavingme. I gave birth tomy son at the age of 35, then mydaughter. Fortunately, Iwashealthyand strongenough to takeon the roleofmother, and I also played football with children whenneeded.There isnothing‘fatale’there. Doyouhaveafavouriteactingscene? - The theatre, because it’s a living organismthatbubbles andboils.You’remore limited in all other forms. I spend the full day preparing for every performance. I’m anold-timeactress. Dependingon theplay inwhich I’mperforming that day, from the