| 51 on the themes of BranislavNušić’s novel“A Suspicious Person”, the play was created and set in theWildWest. I acted alongside GoricaPopovićandBaneJeremić,while the director was Oliver Viktorović. My daughter Lana also had that same role for her diploma premiering at the Yugoslav Drama Theatre about 40 years after me, and I only revealed that to her after the premiere. Youknewevenas a child that there’s nootherprofession for you, because youperformedintheatresevenback then? - Long before my rst theatrical role, since childhood, I felt that I wouldbecome an actress. I played theatrical games and didn’t need any other toys. Therewas never anyother profession forme.Thatwas especially sowhen I enrolled in acting at the FacultyofDramaticArts at the rst attempt and knew that I would be a professional. At that time one was obliged to study for a future calling. O cially, you retired in December 2011,theninJanuary2012youplayed GretaGarbointheplay“GretaGarbo’s Secret”onthestageatOpera&TheatreMadlenianum.Whathaschanged in the period of your retirement? - I’monly formally retired. I sometimes act formore than 20 days amonth, with all travelling. I haven’t had a single day o in thepast threeyears.There’sno largermeadow inSerbia that I haven’t playedon.That’s my struggle against globalisation and my struggle for the rich,wonderful Serbian language, which I’m able to speak well, and I speak the truth on stage. In retirement, I devote myself to my other gifts – friends, handicrafts, literature. It’s great that I’m in the years when I can do everything and don’t have to do anything. And I only do what Iwant. I don’tmiss anything, not even roles in lm and television. Youdon’tholdyour tongueandhave managed to preserve your popularity and reputation? What’s the price of that? - There is no actress that’s more controversial than I am.The rst critiquesofmy actingcutmedownruthlessly, towhichprofessor PredragBajčetić commented: a dog barks, and the wind carries. They disputed my status as both a woman and a human, and that hitme thehardest. In the theatre I refused to become amember of the Communist Party, because I onlywanted to forever serve the beauty of acting and art. I still pay that price with satisfaction now. Yournameisalmostsynonymouswith femmefatale.Howdidyoucarrythat? - I’mnot a femme fatale! I’mas charming as a blue cooking pot with white polkadots. I sometimes encounter somekindly elderly gentleman who reveals that he was in love with me in the 1970s and ‘80s, Kostim iz predstave Jesenja sonata Ateljea 212. Autor kostima kostimografkinja Marija Marković Costume from the play Autumn Sonata at Atelje 212. The costumes were created by costume designer Marija Marković