34 | make lms thatwouldhavebeen toohard to nance before, and attract brilliant actors to be in them. At the personal level, I hope it hasn’t changed me too much. I still live a very low-key life inDublinwhich suits me well. Your latest film, The Little Stranger, isgivingusagainahumancaptured in a housewhereweird things happen, although evil actually comes from this world and not from the other? -Yes, it’s anice contrast that Roomwas a lm about a tiny space that felt huge, while The little stranger is a lm about a very large space that feels tiny. I am under the impression that you love to enclose people ina small environment and see what happens. You even locked Frank in a plastic head.What doyouwant to say, that wearealoneandalienated, but that theworld is abeautiful placeas Brie Larson tells her movie son after all the horrors? - It’s compelling tome tostudypeople who are somehow separated fromothers andwhere thechallenges toa life livedwith any kind of hope and apetite are extreme. I’mnot surewhy that is, but I keep coming back to these kinds of stories. Andwhilewe’retalkingaboutFrank, howwas it toworkwithMichaelFassbender? I must say that I was sorry that you hid him ;-) - Many people feel like you! It was a pleasure to work with him, becasue he is such a great actor. And he was open to all the madness of the lm – very collaborative. He brought so much to the lm. You probably know that we really love St. Patrick’s Day, because you were inSerbiabefore.Whatareyour impressions? Are you looking forward tomeetingusagain, andwhy? - I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve always had a great timewith Serbs whenever I’ve met them on the festival circuit. I think Serbs are very similar to Irish people – they love to laugh and talk. Tell us somewonderful thingsabout your beautiful Dublin. If you had to choose a few, what things or places would you class as unmissable in your city? - I loveDublin and can’t seemto leave it for any length of time. I particulary like walking around the city when the seasons are changing. I’d recommend visiting some of the old pubs in the city centre – someof themhaven’t changedmuch since Joyce set parts of Dubliners and Ulysses in them. Or go and watch the deer in Phoenix Park. – Zanimljivo mi je da proučavam ljude koji su nekako odvojeni od drugih i čiji su izazovi da žive sa bilo kakvom nadom i voljom zaista ekstremni. Nisam siguran zašto je tako, ali stalno se vraćam na takve priče. KadsmokodFrenka,kakojebilo raditisaMajklomFasbenderom? Moramrećidami jebiložaošto ste ga sakrili. (smeh) – Mnogi ljudi su mi rekli to isto! (smeh) Bilo je zadovoljstvo raditi s njim jer je veliki glumac. Bio je otvoren za moje ludilo, divno smo sarađivali i mnogo je doprineo filmu. Verovatno znate da mi baš volimoDanSvetogPatrika, jerste biliuSrbijinafestivalunaPaliću. Kakvi su vamutisci? Radujete li se ponovnom susretu sa našom zemljom i zašto? – Zaista se radujem tome. Uvek sam se sjajno družio sa ljudima iz Srbije gde god da sam ih sretao, a naročito na festivalima. Mislimda su Srbi vrlo slični Ircima – vole da se smeju i razgovaraju. Recite nam neke divne stvari o svom prelepom Dablinu. Kada bistemorali da izaberetenekoliko, štabibiloonoštonesmeda se propusti? – Volim Dablin, čini mi se da ne mogu dugo da ga ostavim. Posebno volim da se šetam gradom kada se godišnjadobamenjaju. Preporučujem vam da posetite neki od starih pabova u centru grada jer ima onih koji se nisu mnogo promenili od kada je Džojs u njima pisao Dablince i Uliksa. Ili uživajte gledajući jelene u Parku Feniks. SPRINGTIME IN BELGRADE During the nine days of Belgrade’s Irish Festival, the audience can expect the latest andmost signi cant Irish lm achievements, attractive exhibitions, literary evenings, workshops and other attractive cultural events. “It is a pleasure to announce the 7th Belgrade Irish Festival, which will present vivid Irish and Serbian content in the elds of lm, music, literature and visual arts, culminating in an unmissable celebration of St Patrick’s Day in Belgrade on 17th March. The festival takes place from 9th to 17th March, and the public will have an opportunity to enjoy numerous programmes, including a seven-day lm segment, with documentary lms and animated children’s works, which will be opened by Oscar-nominated Irish director Lenny Abrahamson, followed by an exhibition of early Irish and Serbian spiritual art, and – for the rst time – the festival will leave a lasting trace in Belgrade, in the form of a major street-art installation by Irish artist James Earley,”says festival director Jas Kaminski. More information about the program can be found on the website