| 33 The7th Belgrade IrishFestival, held from 9th to 17th March this year under the slogan“Springtime in Belgrade!”, presents some of the most interesting parts of Irish culture, but alsobrings Lenny Abrahamson to the Serbian capital. Thismaestro of independent lm, who succeeded in reaching theDolby Theatre andbeingnominated for anOscar for Best FilmandBest Direction, is an artist who nevertheless still lives a modest life inDublin, whichhe loveswholeheartedly. Firstphysics, thenphilosophyand - nally the movies at the end. Or is it just the beginning? - It’s the end ... I think. I feel like I have many more aspects of lmmaking to explore and I am still excited to make lms. And I’m probably too old to change careers now! YoustudiedinCalifornia, butyoudecided to go back to Ireland to shoot lms?Anunusualchoice, sinceeveryone is coming to California for their slice of lm glory? - Strangely, I was unaware of the irony for many years, but you are right, I did it all backwards, only returning to California as a director many years later. But I’m happy I did it this way. I think Hollywood wouldhavedestroyedme inmyearlytwenties. As it was, I had a pretty good sense of myself when I nally had to engage with the U.S. lm industry; knew what I wanted and didn’t want. Whenyoutookyour camera,rewards were immediately received. Adam& Paul, Frank,Garage- incredible lms about people, their isolated worlds on themarginsof society, andyet so emotional and warm... How do you choose them? - It’s a littlebit of instinct anda littlebit of accident. In every case there was some spark or seed in the idea, and some deep personal connection thatmade it feel like something that could be mine. In all the cases youmention, I was deeply involved SPRINGTIME IN BELGRADE Tokomdevet dana Beogradskog irskog festivala publiku očekuju najznačajnija i najnovija lmska ostvarenja iz Irske, atraktivne izložbe, književne večeri, radionice i drugi atraktivni kulturni događaji. – Zadovoljstvo je najaviti 7. Beogradski irski festival, koji će predstaviti živopisne irske i srpske sadržaje u oblasti lma, muzike, književnosti, vizuelnih umetnosti, a kulminiraće proslavomDana Svetog Patrika, koju nikako ne treba propustiti 17. marta u Beogradu. Festival se održava od 9. do 17. marta, a publika će imati priliku da uživa u brojnimprogramima, uključujući sedmodnevni lmski segment, sa dokumentarnim i dečjimanimiranimostvarenjima, koji će otvoriti irski Leni Abrahamson, reditelj nominovan za Oskara, zatim ranu irsku i srpsku duhovnu umetničku izložbu, a prvi put festival će ostaviti trajni trag u Beogradu u vidu velike strit art instalacije irskog umetnika Džejmsa Erlija – kaže Jas Kaminski, direktor festivala. Više informacija o programumožete pronaći na sajtu in script and development, and was able to shape the projects around my obsessions and concerns. Whydoyou like tomake lms based on books? Does your process start thatway?Youreadagreatbookand want to see it on screen? - I never started out wanting to do adaptations of novels, and after ROOM I would ideally not have done another one, but The Little Stranger was a story that had obsessed me for years - I’d been developing it with Potboiler in London and Lucinda Coxon the screenwriter - and it was ready to go, so I couldn’t refuse. I’m developing a number of projects that are entirely original so the balance will shift over the next few lms. Are you preparing another adaptation inwhich youwill evenwrite the script - the story of bisexual boxer Emile Gri th? - The Emile Gri th lm is based on real life and so the texts we are using are closer to brilliant research materials than fully realised stories. Yes, I am writing it, along with a great US writer called Jon Raymond. Gri th’s life was extraordinary and allows us todelve deeply into themes of masculinity, sexuality and the nature of mid-20th century U.S. culture . Yousaidthatyouweresickofyourself after thebigpompandall theOscar feverconectedtothe lmRoom.How didyoumanage tokeepbothfeeton thegroundandnot go to theexpensive world of blockbusters? - If ROOM had happend 20 years ago ,I might have been tempted to jump onto a big, big lm, but at this point in my life I know what my real interests are and I also know that to try to make a lm I don’t completely believe in would lead to disaster. Also, I have very good friends, family, and very good agents, and they would be very quick to tell me if my feet were leaving earth. What has Roombrought to you in a professionalandprivatesense?How much has your life changed? - It has certainly opened doors. It’s a lot easier to get to talk to senior people in the industry – actors and nance people – if they already know your name and are familiar with your work. It means I can Mali stranac je film o veoma velikom prostoru koji se čini mali i skučen The Little Stranger is a film about a very large space that feels tiny