| 23 Air Serbia is a company that cares for its guests in somany ways. This �me, the company has endeavoured to bring joy to the members of the fairer sex, and to do so precisely on themost beau�ful women’s holiday. Specifically, on 8th March, ladies travelling on all Air Serbia flights will receive some specially prepared gi�s that have been provided by the wonderful, industrious women of the Department for Women’s Entrepreneurship of the Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Serbia. Here’s what they’ve prepared and some details about these successful female entrepreneurs of Serbia. AMARETTI is a sweet pastry shop in the Vračar, where owner Lana Apolloni brings to Belgrade her Italian experience, amassed during her studies in Tuscany. Amare�makes cakes and pastries according to tradi�onal home-made recipes and organises various birthday celebra�ons for children and adults in its beau- �ful ambience. Tourist agency ATOS PLUS has spent more thanadecadeorganisingbespokeindividualand group tours for its clients. They jointly shape the style of your travels, with their mo�o IMAGINE, TRAVEL,ENJOY!ContactNos.:+381(0)63628400. CASAFORTE (,aconsulting company that provides business improvement services through overviews of exis�ng business processes and the u�lisa- �on of corporate, commercial and controlling tools, has developed an online simula�on of business decision-making, Coin & Fund. CPA SOLUTION offers support tobusinessesfromtheir incep�onvia financialandlegalconsul�nganddigital marke�ng services. A project it isworking on currently aims to raise awareness about female entrepreneurship for theWomen’sEntrepreneurship Department of the CCIS. FLORAL.BI isanatural cosmeticsproduct for thecareandrevitalisa�onof the skin based on plant squalane, amul�-purpose fast-absorbingmoisturiserthattheskincontains naturally inthehydro lipid layer (12%), thusensuring it’s suitable for all skin types. The team of the SMILE FACTORY consists of five den�stry specialists, who provided – alongside dedicatedwork and innova�ve treatments – a professional and high-quality service. Exper�se, reliability, modern materials, the latest technology and reasonable prices represent their work. HELENADIA is unique, handmade jewellery thatmakeswomenaround theworld special. Visit their site,, and enter a world of elegance and glamour. The PURITY Academy of Aesthe�cs and Cosmetology is a representa�ve of York University and the Faculty of Medical Cosme�cs for Europe. In addi�on to three- and four-year senior studies in aesthe�cs and cosmetology, make-up arts and wellness and spa therapies, it also offers over 50 professional training op�ons, courses, addi�onal improvement and specialisa�on. VITALON is among Serbia’s leading producers of natural and nutri�onal supplements in tablet form. Established in 1990, they were the first to implement capsuled hemp oil in food that can also be used in pharmaceu�cals, as well as in nutri�on. AGILE HUMANS is a company specialising in the educa�on and cer�fica�on of ‘Agile’ and ‘Scrum’ experts in Serbia and the UK, as well as helping companies fromvarious industries in transforming to agile management. The company, which was founded and is owned by Jasmina Nikolić, is simultaneously a driver of the agile community of Serbia and Montenegro, and the organiser of the first conference of agile people in Belgrade. Floral.Bi PRIVREDNA KOMORA Privredna komora Srbije, nacionalna asocijacija, efikasan servis i partner privrede, zastupa i štiti interese članica, unapređuje poslovni ambijent i međunarodnu poziciju domaćih kompanija. Sektor preduzetništva, koji u PKS-u vodi Branislava Simanić, snažno podržava razvoj ženskog preduzetništva i ekonomskog i finansijskog osnaživanja žena u biznisu. Sekcija za žensko preduzetništvo PKS-a okuplja veliki broj uspešnih poslovnih žena, kao i početnica u biznisu, kojima je dostupna podrška PKS-a. CCIS The Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Serbia, a national association, e cient service provider and partner of the economy, represents and protects the interests of members, while advancing the business environment and international position of domestic companies. The CCIS Entrepreneurship Division, which is headed by Branislava Simanić, strongly supports the development of female entrepreneurship, as well as the economic and nancial empowerment of women in business. The CCIS Department forWomen’s Entrepreneurship brings together a large number of successful businesswomen, as well as those just getting started in business, for whom CCIS support is available. FABRIKA OSMEHA Smile Factory FLORAL.BI HELENA DIA PURITY VITALON Branislava Simanić