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74 | Welnes » Wellness Serbia has produced many greats. The greatest of them illuminated the entire world with their brilliance. The Post of Serbia is proud to present its new series of postage stamps featuring Nikola Tesla, a brilliant mind of Serbian people. Find it on ePhilately. efilatelija.posta.rs Nikola Tesla A brilliant mind of Serbian people recreation is to utilise free time during the day for quick physical activity. A short walk? Twenty squats? According to the experts, every movement counts. Five minutes of stretching and dancing around the bedroom also counts. Pinterest searches for “lazy exercises in bed” have increased by 135 per cent and searches for “walking in nature” are up 95 per cent, while “simple dance movements” has increased by as much as 150 per cent and is the most popular fitness search. Micro workouts One fitness phenomenon that’s been brought by the period of working from home is micro-workouts. Super Intensive HIIT (high intensity interval training) exercises have been shortened to an even more impactful format, from 4 to 12 minutes of super-fast and intense exercises: 20 seconds of training, 10-second breaks, two sets in four minutes followed by a one-minute break. However, a precondition for effective micro workouts is that you already have a good base of fitness, which is only maintained and strengthened by exercising with such short intervals. ZUU means top training What do you think about the definition of “animal-inspired HIIT”? Devised by fitness guru Nathan Helberg, it focuses on body weight movements that improve the strength and mobility required for optimal performance. This is the core functional condition that we all know and love, but that we often overlook, with movements like frog squats, lajfstaj l / L i festyle Da li ste uspeli da pređete zadati broj koraka, popijete optimalnu količinu vode i kvalitetno se naspavate? Did you manage to cover the assigned number of steps, drink the optimal amount of water and get a restful night’s sleep? gorilla bounds and bear crawls. Alternative proteins Alternative proteins are represented by foods that are consumed instead of meat and seafood. Consumers opt for these alternatives due to both health and environmental reasons. Meat alternatives are rich in nutrients, with alternative sources of protein encompassing algae, modified legumes and various substitutes – cultured, plant-based meat, edible insects, yeast proteins. The last decade has seen a meteoric rise in the market share of alternative proteins. This trend’s wave has carried many start-ups, which - thanks to new scientific discoveries - are developing alternative and sustainable solutions for producing protein. Hybrid workouts Fans of fitness combine gymbased workouts with virtual lessons, thus getting the best of both worlds: direct advice and tips from gym instructors, with the added bonus of the possibility of working out in their living room whenever it suits them. Scanning as a watchword Modern technology enables us to confirm the effects of training by scanning body composition and muscle structure. Numerous fitness centres offer fast scanning services using sophisticated devices like InBody, which divides the total weight of muscle mass into five segments: core (abdominal muscles), chest and back muscles, and arms and legs.