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moda / fashion Jeans » Džins | 57 56 | Džins » Jeans How this modest fabric intended for work pants has conquered the fashion world – and has done so once again this year, through top fashion collections According to one of the morehilarious fashion slogans: “Only a good pair of jeans canspend the whole night on its feetwithout needing a litreof strong coffee in the morning”. And it actually seems like fashion designers have been guided by this wisdom when researching trends for their spring collections. It is clear that jeans, thatmost democratic itemof clothing ever invented, have a thousand fabulous faces –but denimhas never been as fancy as it is today. Andwhile some fashion companies have delved into their rich archive of jeans, others have elevated denim to the status of a painting canvas and a sculptural volume by givJ eans ar e i n our genes Denimhas never been so fancy ing it a complete couturemakeover. Butwhatdoes this actuallymean for the state of the fashion industry in general? Following the angered controversy of recent years over the harmful environmental impact of themultimillion-dollar denimindustry, due to its need to use hectolitres of water to achieve that famous “worn” look in processing, with every drop ending up as toxic wastewater – it seems as though the leading trendsettershavedecided to rehabilitate this indestructible canvas through their emphasising of re-workprinciples and skilfully applied combinations with othermore glamorous textures. This has all coincidedwith the revival of the fashion thatwe recall from the turn of themillennium - the TikTok generation is only just discovering the teen star style of that period, browsing countlesspaparazzi photos ofHollywoodactresses and pop stars who dominated back then in ultra-low-waist jeans andcropped jacketsdecoratedwith patches andgemstones. Evenbefore the famousmatching total jeans combination look of Britney and Justin experienced its comeback, the fashion companies that defined that era had already exerted efforts to offer a little Y2K denim magic before anyone else. Versace, Dolce & Gabbana and Blumarine, whose rebelliously glamorous aesthetics defined sex appeal in the noughties, have delved into their own “former glory” and found the right dose of aestheticized nostalgia to offer this spring. Versaće je zaronio u svoju staru slavu i za proleće ponudio pravu dozu estetizovane nostalgije Versace has delved into “former glory” and found the right dose of aestheticized nostalgia to offer this spring Blumarin buntovno-glamurozna estetika definisala je seksepil ranih dvehiljaditih Blumarine - rebelliously glamorous aesthetics defined sex appeal in the noughties Foto: FashionPPS / Zuma Press / Profimedia Foto: Moda Milano/IPA / SplashNews.com / Splash / Profimedia