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kultura / culture INTERESTING FACTS 1. The original Top Gun soundtrack is still among the 10 best-selling movie soundtracks of all time, with 15 million copies sold. Apart from the hit song Take My Breath Away, notable success was also achieved by Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins (who is also known for the famous title track for the film Footloose) and Heaven In Your Eyes by Canadian rock band Loverboy. 2. Val Kilmer initially didn’t want to play the role of Lieutenant Tom Kazansky, but he was obliged to do so due to his contract with Paramount Pictures, which threatened to sue if he refused the role. 3. The filmwas excessively expensive for the time. Specifically, Paramount paid $7,800 per hour for aircraft fuel whenever the planes were flown outside their normal duties. In order to get the perfect shot as he’d imagined it, director Tony Scott paid $25,000 for the ship to be moved for just a few minutes. 4. Tony Scott was fired from the project three times during shooting, due to the film constantly running over budget. 5. The main love scene between the two stars was shot several weeks after production had wrapped, because audiences for the first test screenings insisted that the film lacked passion and intimacy between Cruise and McGillis. 6. The real TOPGUN school at San Diego’s Marine Corps Air Station Miramar has banned students from quoting Top Gun, with a $5 fine imposed for every transgression. 7. The filmwas inspired by an article in an issue of California magazine focusing on the lives of fighter pilots stationed at the then Naval Air Station Miramar in San Diego. Zanimljivosti 1. Saundtrek Top gana je i dalje jedna od 10 najprodavanijih svih vremena sa tiražom od 15miliona primeraka. Osim pesme Take My Breath Away, zapažen uspeh su imale i Danger Zone Kenija Loginsa (koji je poznat i po čuvenoj pesmi Footlose iz istoimenog filma) i Heaven In Your Eyes kanadskog rok benda Loverboy. 2. Val Kilmer inicijalno nije želeo da tumači lik poručnika Toma Kazanskog, ali je bio obavezan ugovorom sa studijom Paramaunt , koji je pretio tužbom ukoliko ne odigra ulogu. 3. Film je bio preskup za to vreme. Naime, plaćali su 7.800 dolara po satu za gorivo letelica kad god su morale da lete mimo svojih osnovnih dužnosti. Da bi dobio kadar kakav je zamislio, reditelj Toni Skot je platio 25.000 dolara kako bi se brod izmestio na svega nekoliko minuta. 4. Toni Skot je otpušten čak tri puta u toku snimanja, jer je film konstantno probijao predviđeni budžet. 5. Glavna ljubavna scena između dvoje protagonista snimljena je nekoliko nedelja kasnije, jer je nakon prvog test skrininga za publiku konstatovano da filmu fali strasti i intimnosti između Kruza i Mekgilisove. 6. U pravoj TOP GUN školi u Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, u San Dijegu, zabranjeno je citiranje replika iz Top gana, inače se po citatu dobija kazna od pet dolara. 7. Inspiracija za film je bio članak iz magazina Kalifornija, koji se fokusirao na živote borbenih pilota u Pomorskoj akademiji u San Dijegu. U nastavku ćemo gledati sina nastradalog Gusa koji je očigledno krenuo očevim stopama In the sequel we’ll see the son of the ill-fated Goose, who’s obviously following in his father’s footsteps Mave r i ck i s f i na l ly ar r i v i ng Get ready to return to the danger zone Aerial antics, leather jackets and RayBan shades, handsome guys playing on the beach, Goose’s son training with Maverick, the sounds of Loggins’ unforgettable song Danger Zone… Yes, it’s Top Gun, but the sequel… Threeyearsafterfilmingended, TopGun: Maverick, the sequel to the cult1986film, is finally set to see the light of day. Undoubtedly Paramount Pictures’ biggest and most anticipated film, its European premiere will come as part of the out of competition programme at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. Following a record seven postponements, which is a rare occurrence for major studios, it finally received a green light for 27th May. TopGunwas1986’stop-grossing film, both in theU.S. andaround the world. Its leading lights, TomCruise andKellyMcGillis,becameworldwide stars, while new-wave band Berlin’s song Take My Breath Away topped the U.S. and UK charts and went on to win the Academy Award for Best Original Song. KellyMcGillis faded intoobscurity after thefilm(not surprising, really), but Top Gun did bring us Tom Cruise, who has gone on to become one of the all-time most popular action heroes, while simultaneously being nominated for his dramatic roles and even winning three Oscars. Upon release, the film proved tobe ahuge commercial hit, earning $357 million globally on a $15 million budget, but critics were starkly divided.RenownedcriticRogerEbert saidthatTopGunwashardtoreview because the good parts are so good and the bad parts are “so relentless” for the audience. The sequel brings us a new generation of elite naval aviators. And there’s also Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, who, after 36 years serving in the Navy, doesn’t seem to have advanced beyond the rank of captain. At the request of Admiral “Iceman” Kazansky (we had no doubt that he would have advanced in his career), Maverick is taskedwith teaching the best pilots, who are as self-assured and arrogant as he was, andwho include Goose’s son, played by Miles Teller. But this time the stakes are even higher, because Maverick and his creware embarking onamission that includes “combat at a level no living pilot has ever seen, not even Maverick” ... The sequel seems to be ready to offer plenty of nostalgia to fans of the original. We see a return of daring aerial manoeuvres, leather jackets, aviator sunglasses, another roundof toplessbeachsports and, of course, TomCruise ridinghismotorbike without a helmet, though this time with a different woman sitting behind him (Jennifer Connelly) … And while we’re on the subject of Cruise, who is known for performing his own stunts, we should note that the new Top Gun film is no exception. Did he really need to fly a genuine jet fighter while six cameras recorded his every move? Yes, he absolutely did! “You can't act that, the distortion inthe face.They’repulling7and a half, 8 Gs, that’s 1,600 pounds of force. You just can't create this kind ofexperienceunlessyoushoot it live,” explains Cruise. According to the producers, Cruisewas initially told that itwould be impossible for him to be able to access and fly real jets, which was enoughtocompelhimtoprove them wrong. As we are all verywell aware, there’s no such thing as an impossible mission for Tom Cruise… Sa 10 puta većimbudžetom od originala, Top gan 2 je postao jedan od najskupljih filmova u poslednjih pet godina koji nemaju veze sa Marvelom ili DC komiksom With a budget 10 times that of the original, Top Gun 2 has become one of the most expensive films of the last five years that have no connection to Marvel or DC Comics Prvu numeru sa novog saundtreka napisala je i otpevala Ledi Gaga, a zove se Hold My Hand The first track on the new soundtrack was written and performed by Lady Gaga and is called Hold My Hand Film » Film| 43 42 | Film » Film Foto: Profimedia.rs / "Image Capital Pictures / FilmStills Foto: Profimedia.rs / "Image Capital Pictures / FilmStills Foto: Profimedia.rs / "Image Capital Pictures / FilmStills