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Kultura / culture 38 | Izložba » Exhibition We ’ r e tak i ng you to t he exh i b i t i on Masterpieces in a large format The exhibition Large Format, organised under the scope of the project “Collector as a Curator and Selector”, singles out works by over 50 of the most important Yugoslav artists, who predominantly created during the second half of the 20th century Milan Konjović, Petar Lubarda, Lazar Vozarević,Vladimir Veličković, Ljuba Popović,MićaPopović, Petar Omčikus – these are just a handful of themore than50 greats of Yugoslav modern and contemporary art whose works we will be able to enjoy in rarely seen large formats until 15th June at four ARTE Gallery locations across Belgrade. Duetotheirlargedimensions,but also the fact thatmany of these pieces are held in private collections, the public hasn’t previously had an opportunitytoseethemajorityofworks presentedinthisexhibition,whilethe selectiondoesn’t represent asystematicpresentation,butratherathematic review of works in which the artists expressed their full potential to ensure thepieces achievedthe status of museummasterpieces. TheCollectorasaCuratorandSelector project aims to affirm the collecting of fine art, emphasising the knowledgethatcollectorspossessand improving the relationship between private and public cultural heritage. Large format works represent a specific area of collecting practise. Large formatartworkshavemostlybeenreserved for public institutions, ensuringthattheywereonceallbutimpossibletoreach.Collectorswhodomanage tosecureamonumentalworkfortheir collectionareconfrontedbyproblems associatedwith itsmaintenance and storage.Fewcollectorshavemanaged to raise such works and form special exhibitionspacesforsuchworks, thus enabling the optimisation of the experienceof observinganddisplaying theseartworks.Thisexhibition,which is on display at four exhibition spaces of the ARTE Gallery in Belgrade, presentsworks that represent the focal points of the collections towhich theybelong,whiletheaccompanying publication contains more than 200 reproductions and a text describing the history of large format works in our regionandbeyond, togetherwith informationontheprivatecollections that nurture this format. Miodrag Dado Đurić (1933–2010), Bez naziva, 1962, ulje na platnu / oil in canvas, 190x444 cm Dušan Džamonja (1928–2009), CRTEŽ BA-XI, 2002. (gore/above); Lazar Vozarević (1925–1968), Zlatno pakovanje, 1967. (desno/right); Miodrag Mića Popović (1923–1996), Ričard Titovog lika, 1974. (dole/below)