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Kultura / culture Festival » Festival| 35 34 | Festival » Festival Thisyear’s jubilee15th edition of the Beldocs International Documentary FilmFestival, to be held from11th to 18th May, will screenover 100of the best contemporary documentaries in12 categories (www.beldocs.rs). Alongside numerous platforms, the festival utilises its Prime Time category tobring us the enticing stories of renowned directors, with famous celebrities as themain protagonists… The Rossellinis Roberto Rosellini was a filmmaking genius, and his romances filled the front pages of newspapers the world over, representing scandals for the rigidmoral standards of the 1950s. Those romances resulted in the creation of a large, broad, proudlymultiethnic family. His eldest grandson, Alessandro, had a turbulent career in photography and spent a long period as a drug addict. As the descendant of a genius, he didn’t feel as though he’d lived up to his famous surname. At the age of 55, he decided to make his first filmand compel his relatives to engage in impossible family therapy in front of the camera. DreamingWalls New York’s legendary Chelsea Hotel was something of an icon of the 1960s counterculture and served as a haven for artists for over a century. It has spent the past eight years under renovation and is set to reopen as a luxury hotel soon. However, this edifice is still home to 51 elderly people. Stuck in a rut and scared, some of these residents are preparing for what’s inevitably to come, while others protest against thehotel administration and keep themselves locked away in their rooms. This film explores the utopian roots that underpin the mythical stature of the ChelseaHotel and re-examines the challenging future it faces. Nick Cave: This Much I Know to Be True Filmed on location in London and Brighton during the spring of 2021, AndrewDominic’s new documentary reveals the exceptional creative relationship betweenNick Cave and Warren Ellis as they create songs for their last two studio albums: Ghosteen (Nick Cave& the Bad Seeds) and Carnage (Nick Cave & Warren Ellis). This documentary shows the two musicians, accompanied by vocalists and a string quartet, as they carefully shape and birth each song. The film also features a special guest in the formof Marianne Faithfull, Cave’s longtime friend and collaborator. See You Friday, Robinson This work chronicles a probably impossible film world encounter between EbrahimGolestan and Jean-Luc Godard, two great artists who (at least in the West) haven’t achieved the same level of fame. Much time has passed since the 1960s, and the Iranian New Wave has remained largely unknown and stuck in the shadows of its European counterpart’s glory. Is it too late to connect these two leading artists and their contrasting experiences? Kurt Vonnegut: Unstuck in Time This feature-length documentary, the first of its kind about Vonnegut, takes a deep dive into the author’s life and work, but also his 25-year friendship with the director who set out to document his life. It deals with his childhood in Indianapolis, his experience as a WorldWar II POW, hismarriage and family, his period working as a car salesman and the years he spent struggling to establish his writing career, which would eventually result in superstardom following the 1969publishingof his anti-war novel Slaughterhouse-Five. The jubilee 15th edition of the Beldocs International Documentary Film Festival will take place in Belgrade from 11th to 18th May U selekciji Prime Time, festival donosi atraktivne priče renomiranih reditelja sa poznatim ličnostima kao glavnim protagonistima The festival utilises its Prime Time category to bring us the enticing stories of renowned directors, with famous celebrities as the main protagonists Foto: See Caption Sheet In Press Kit www.dunav.com | 0800 386 286 Најчвршће везе почивају на подршци, поверењу и сигурности. Тако заједно чувамо оно највредније, једни друге.