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Intervju / Intervi ew Serija » Series | 27 26 | Serija » Series all of our little secrets? - I knowthat Serbia is renowned for its great food, but this was the first time I’d had an opportunity to confirm that for myself. I’ma great gourmet, but also a lover of local specialities. I like to enjoy all the local flavours and aromas. In your country, however, I was delighted with the vegetables, which were so tasty that I ordered our head chef to make all our meals from fresh, organic food, just so that I could enjoy meals that have flavour, if only briefly. Serbia reminded me that food ismore than a collection of vitamins and proteins that serve us as fuel. It doesn’t only move our body, but also our soul. Why did you choose Serbia specifically to shoot the third season? - Our show is known for always selecting the right filming locations. We rarely shoot in a studio. To me, the right location provides a special and specific visual element. It’s difficult touse animation and fake scenery to invoke the true spirit of the country where the action unfolds. We’ve never worked in that way at least. We shot one of the previous seasons in Puerto Rico. With Serbia, it just so happened that all our requirements aligned. Apart from an original setting, we also got a high-quality creative team, which meant a lot to us from the professional aspect. There are many similar shows. What makes SEAL Team different? - I think it’s precisely that firsthand approach. This is a military action drama and the soldiers are to the fore. However, the emphasis isn’t placed as much on the action scenes as it is on emphasising the true meaning of military life. The spirit of the military. When coming up with the episodes, we didn’t leave anything to chance. We had real military veterans as consultants. They helped me a lot when it came to making some details of the story more credible. Interestingly, I actually wear the helmet of one of those veterans in the show. Despite it beingmuch heavier than the helmets normally used on set, I wouldn’t dreamof replacing it. Little things like that actually helpme to always keep somewhere in my mind the debt of gratitude we owe to people who go into battle so the rest of us can sleep peacefully. What was the greatest challenge you faced making this show? -That’s definitely the challenge, as an actor, of being your own director. That’s a very demanding responsibility. It requires huge discipline and self-control not to fire yourself [laughs]. Actors are characteristic for sometimes being a bit stubborn and always trying to adjust the camera to suit themselves and their ideas. The work and requirements of directing, however, are much simpler. The director is only looking for one thing – a good shot. And nothing else interests him. I was capable of arguing with myself, but the two of us would ultimately always somehow find a compromise. Though there were some extreme situations. For instance, I always insist on original military equipment that’s several pounds heavier. In thosemoments, the director within me says – ‘David, take that off and put on your stage kit, you’ll break your back and knees’. However, that other character, the actor, immediately hushes the first guy and whispers to me – ‘just keep going, you’re not a weakling’. Unfortunately, on that occasion the director was right. After ten steps, I tripped, sprained my wrist and nearly dislocated both knees. I’ve left those sorts of scenes to extras since then. It just so happens that we’ve followed your career in Serbia through almost all of your previous shows. Today, 30 years into your career, how do you see those first steps? - I think I was initially very awkward and clumsy. Like someone staggering fromsteppingstone to steppingstone until I reached solid ground and knocked on the right door. Buffy wasmy big ticket to the world of television, but it took a long time for that opportunity to arise. That break comes earlier for some, while there are actors who only get the roles of their life towards the end of their careers. In my case, I foundmyself in the right place at the right time. And there’s nothing that I’d change today. Inmy life, I’ve always played safe cards. Work anddedication always pay off. Everything else is a gamble. Posle toliko godina video sam i juga, bio je tomoj prvi auto koji sumi roditelji kupili da se vozimdo škole. Oduševio sam se što ta kola i dalje postoje After many years, I also saw a Yugo car! That make was the first car I owned, which my parents bought me to drive myself to school. I was thrilled that those cars still exist