Taking care of his beloved pets isn’t a problem for him even when he’s in themiddle of acting on a film shoot.He’sorganisedhimself sothat hecanmanageeverything, andthat’s also thanks to his friend and horse trainer Nikola Trčkov. “I’m a professional. When I’m acting I don’t burden myself with other thingsandI’mhelpedwiththat by my wonderful associates. But I still manage to spend time with the horses even when I have working days acting.” The pandemic caused him to long for his nearest and dearest in hishome inMontenegro, but theepidemic didn’t stop him taking care of his horses every day. “I secured a permit for movement evenduring lockdown, inorder to be with Emilija and Kilon every day and to care for them, because they shouldn’t have to suffer because of the extraordinary circumstances. I can hardly wait for every opportunity to talk with them and train hurdling.” Some of Petar’s colleagues have already ridden, but his wish is to teach all of themthis beautiful skill. “Riding is a talent. A horse feels when a person fears it, and that also causes him to feel uneasiness. Riding is also practised by people with cerebral palsy and childrenwith special needs, ashippotherapy that sees themovementsof thehorse contribute to improvinghumanmotor skills and mobility.” His horses also found themselves on the set of the series “Alexander of Yugoslavia”. That made himfeel doubly responsible, because in that series he also played the role of LukaMesečina, KingAlexander’s journalist. “I also built up my knowledge of horses as a stuntman in Bulgaria. That was also a valuable experience for my acting, as it was easier forme to appear in front of the camera without lines.” Petar has plenty of literature on horses, because he wants to learn everything he can about them. He intends to introduce his son, Zarija (6), to the world of horses. “Zarija is still little, for now horses are interesting to him, but he has yet to learn how to ride because that’s a complex skill and he needs to strengthen and grow. But you also need a lot of responsibility and the dedication of a mature persontohavetherightattitudetowards horses. It would delightme for us, if he wanted to, to one day enjoy and share that passion.” Horses » Konji | 99 I’m a large rider, which is why I only want to always have horses with a strong constitution that are well trained and in harmony with me Petar is also a lover and owner of dogs, but he says that the love for one horse is equivalent to the love for ten dogs. “Between horses and humans, just like between humans, there is either amatching of energy or there isn’t. Of course, knowledge and effort are also important, and above all a gradual process of building trust and training with horses, to which I’m committed.”