98 | Konji » Horses MOJ L JUBIMAC / MY PET P E TAR ST RUGAR , ACTOR WHO LOVES TO R I DE I talkwith horses every day Horses understand love very well and reciprocate it, we grow together. I’ve learnt to listen to them and to know how they feel at every moment As a boy inBudva, Petar Strugar (33) fell in love with the stage, but also with horses. He enrolled inacting studies in his native Cetinje and graduated fromtheFacultyofDramaticArts in Belgrade. Todayhe succeeds increating great roles that ensure he’s one of our most popular actors, while hanging out with his two horses at theBelgradeHippodrome everyday. “My beloved pets are Kilon Kili (9), a Holsteiner breed horse, and Emilija (3), a Karađorđe’s military mare. We are currently based at the hippodrome aswe look for space for anequestrianclub, and thenIwill acquire more horses,” says Petar. He’sbeenliving inBelgradesince 2009, whenhe startedpreparing for his film debut and the role of footballer Blagoje ‘Moša’ Marjanović in thefilmMontevideo,GodBlessYou, and it was then that he also became a member of the equestrian club. “From a passion and a hobby, that love became my second job. I learnedfromthebest fromthebeginning. Although I grewupby the sea, I still love tofish just asmuchas being with horses.Themore love you give them, the more you get back. There are no lies there. I find that relationshipwonderful, because everything betweenmanandanimal canbe felt.”