Prva asocijacija na čaj je engleska čajanka u pet, a u stvari je čaj preko Kine prvo stigao u Portugal, gde se odomaćio dok su u Engleskoj još pili pivo The first association with tea is English Afternoon Tea at 4pm, but in Europe tea actually first came fromChina to Portugal, where it took root while the English were still drinking beer Mleko ili limun Engleski običaj da se čaj pije sa mlekom nastao je kao potreba da se ublaži gorak ukus jakog čaja. Drugi najčešći dodatak čaju je limun. Njega će svaki pravi Englez staviti u vidu kriške u šolju sa čajem, nikad ga neće cediti. Naravno, u čaj ide ili mleko ili limun. MILKOR LEMON The English customof addingmilk to tea originated due to the need to dilute the bitter taste of strong tea. The secondmost common addition to tea is lemon. Every proper Englishman will add it to a cup of tea in the formof a slice and will never strain it. And, of course, either milk or lemon is added, never both.  The tea should be poured by the hostess or a guest of her choosing. It is never poured into more than one cup at once, rather each guest is served individually  Before pouring, ask the guest what kind of tea they want  Sugar is added before lemon, because citric acid causes the sugar to dissolve slower  The person serving the tea holds a tea strainer in one hand and uses the other to pour from the teapot  Sugar cubes are more acceptable than granulated sugar. This is firstly because you can use elegant sugar tongs, and secondly because no one wants to spill sugar on the table. Drop in the cube, wait for it to dissolve and stir gently  Lemon goes well with most types of black tea. It is served thinly sliced and placed on a plate near the milk and sugar. The slice is placed directly in the tea cup  A porcelain tea set is placed at the end of the table, with the required number of cups, saucers and spoons on the right side, and a serving tray and napkins on the left  Whatever you imagine, adhere to the rules prescribing that a tea party be simple and elegant LITTLE, BUT IMPORTANT THINGS late dinner, and that it was introduced by the Duchess of Bedford. So there is also a clearly prescribedmenu that includes little nibbles and little sweet treats. Thus, you should serve small cucumber sandwiches with the bread crusts removed, which can also include meat or fish and some kind of pâté or spread, and, when it comes to sweets, tea biscuits, cookies or a real English fruitcake. Jam, whipped cream or cheese are served as accompaniments. The table to serve tea should be ready to await guests. So, everything should be arranged except the tea itself. Tea plays the main role, so make an effort to ensure its aroma fills the room. Tea party » Čajanka | 89 Foto: iStock / EnchantedFairy Foto: iStock / YelenaYemchuk