LAJFSTAJ L / L I FESTYLE F R E E LY PR E T END T HAT YOU ’ R E ENGL I SH Make the perfect tea party A tea party is primarily a gathering and socialising with snacks, but with adherence to strict rules on how to pour tea, what to serve with it and even the height of the table it to enliven us in the morning, to fortify us during a break from work or to relax us before bed. If you happen to be in the pro-coffee camp and are wondering why there’s a story about tea at the start of your flight, you should know that tea is drunk more than coffee around the world, and is around 3,000 years older. Drinking tea was a matter of prestige for a long time, and organising a tea party represented an opportunity for the hostess to show off her manners, tea service and social status. Although protocols and rituals still exist and are respected, today’s tea parties are more synonymous with pleasant company alongside snacks. His Excellency Tea If you want to pretend to be English and to invite some company for an afternoon tea party, you should serve this beverage on a low coffee table or club table. Tea is drunk at 4pm, though any time between 3 and 5 is appropriate. You should prepare and serve it with a tea set consisting of a teapot, sugar bowl, small milk jug, side plates for serving snacks, cutlery and, of course, tea cups and saucers. This is where your imagination comes into play, but don’t forget that the ritual of afternoon tea emerged at the English royal court due to the need to snack between an early breakfast and a 88 | Čajanka » Tea party THERE ARE FEW RITUALS THAT ARE ASSOCIATEDWITH prestige, luxury, meditation, relaxation, peace, silence and respite like drinking tea… We drink Foto: iStock / SolStock