Dinner in Athens » Ručak u Atini | 85 I R R ES I ST I B L E F L AVOURS OF GR E ECE Lunch tailored to suit the gods Once you drink a glass of wine on the Greek seashore, in the shade of olive trees, with a full table of mezethes on small plates, you will struggle to experience the same explosion of hedonism anywhere else in the world Dolmadakja (punjeni listovi vinove loze) Ovo je još jedan pokazatelj svestranosti grčke hrane. Dolmadakja su sarmice koje su napravljene od punjenih listova vinove loze. Unutar lista cete dobiti mlevenu jagnjetinu ili junetinu, kao i nadev od pirinča. Tradicionalno se ovo jelo služi kao predjelo ukrašeno kolutovima limuna. DOLMADAKIA (STUFFED VINE LEAVES) This is another sign of the versatile nature of Greek food. Dolmadakia are tiny dolmades that are made of stuffed vine leaves. Inside the leaf you will find a stuffing of ground lamb or beef and rice. This dish is traditionally served with lemon slices as an appetiser. Greekcuisine istypically Mediterranean, which implies healthy, light dishes prepared using the unavoidable olive oil, the liquid gold of the Mediterranean. Dishes abound with fresh vegetables, fish, lean meats and cheeses. For the Greeks, food and drink represent a ritual, a celebration of life, a desire to hang out with relatives and friends,meet new people andphilosophise on life. Family and friends come first for Greeks, and a shared meal with them is a deeply rooted social event.TheWestern „eatandrun“syndromestillhasn‘t been adopted in Greece. Here both lunch and dinner can last for hours, and the taste is a combinationofwhat you eat andwhere you eat.That‘s because everything around your table is as blue as the sea, as bright as the sun and as relaxed as the sounds of the bouzouki ... For this list we haven‘t included that which we‘ve all enjoyed for a long time, such as loukoumades, moussaka, gyros or souvlaki, but you should be sure to try these dishes if you‘ve arrived in Athens. You won‘t forget them ... Taramasalata Osnova svakog grčkog obroka su klasični umaci kao što je caciki, ali ukusna taramasalata (umak od riblje ikre) jeste obavezna. Ova kremasta mešavina ružičaste ili bele riblje ikre, sa podlogom od krompira ili hleba, najbolja je uz kapljice devičanskog maslinovog ulja ili isceđeni limun. TARAMASALATA Mainstays of any Greek meal are classic dips such as tzatziki, but the delectable taramasalata (fish roe dip) is a must. This creamy blend of pink or white fish roe, with either a potato or bread base, is best enjoyed with a drizzle of virgin olive oil or a squeeze of lemon. Galaktobureko Galaktobureko je sjajna grčka poslastica hrskavog savršenstva. Zagrizete i pustite da vam se usta napune njegovim sokovima. Stari grčki desert napravljen je od hrskavih kora premazanih rastopljenim puterom. GALAKTOBOUREKO (CUSTARD PIE) Galaktoboureko is a great Greek dessert with crispy perfection. Take a bite of Galaktoboureko and let your mouth be filled with its juices. This age old Greek dessert is made of crispy filo pastry topped with melted butter.