Belgrade » Beograd | 75 1999, only to be finally demolished a few years ago. The buildings of the General Staff of the Army of Serbia and Montenegro and the Ministry of Defence in Belgrade were erected at the intersection of Kneza Miloša and Nemanjina streets, on the Vladavina knezaMiloša Obrenovića predstavljala je period sve odlučnijeg odbacivanja turskih uzora i okretanja modernoj Evropi / The reign of Prince Miloš Obrenović represented a period of the increasingly decisive rejection of Turkish models and turning towards the modern Europe site once occupied by the Ministry of Armed Forces and the old buildingof theMilitaryAcademy,between 1956 and 1965. With the new political regime opting to continue the tradition of erecting state military administration buildings in this area, the newbuildings, with their urban disposition and the force of the entire ensemble, became one of Belgrade’smost striking urban images. Just like the Federal InteriorMinistry building, this complex was also severely damaged during the 1999 bombing of Belgrade. The “Takovo Uprising” monument, representing a replica of sculptor Petar Ubavkić’s original monument in Takovo, was erected inBelgrade’sfirstpublicpark in2004, while sculptor ZoranKuzmanović’s monument toGavrilo Princip, after whom this park is today named, arrived in 2015. Foto: iStock / Mirko Kuzmanović