Air Serbia » Er Srbija | 13 SOLUN / THESSALONIKI 75min. OD BEOGRADA: FROM BELGRADE: me scan Sun-bathed city tailored to man WELCOME TO THE THESSALONIKI REGION u potpunosti obuzme! Ali on je i početna stanica, mesto iz kojeg vas put veoma brzo vodi do neverovatnih predela ispunjenih lepotom prirore, ali religije, one pravoslavne, ali i one antičke iz nekih drugih vremena. Zato vas vodimo na tri izleta iz Soluna – na Atos, Meteore i Olimp! Thessaloniki is a city of contrasts, a city with the soul of both a child and an old man - simultaneously careless and wise, rowdy and calm, packed with new possibilities and tried and tested roads, noisy and quiet… Thessaloniki offers that which few other cities can - the sense of belonging to the moment and a precious feeling that there is no need to rush anywhere. You will have time for everything even if you constantly take breaks under mandarin trees, with an ice fruit smoothie and a sea view. Few Serbian tourists have not found their way to this city, and it seems that the Serbian soul, which is obviously inextricably linked to Greece, constantly strives to return to this pearl of the Mediterranean - where life becomes simple, leisurely and easy. Thessalonians know how to say "halara", which means take it easy, and in this city everything really is followed by that pleasant, nonchalant rhythm. Touring Thessaloniki almost always begins with a tour of the White Tower, where tourists climb to the top via a spiral staircase, enjoying the beautiful view. Most also don't pass on visiting the famous Thessaloniki Umbrellas, which have become one of the symbols of the city, or stopping to admire the impressive monument to Alexander the Great. The tour also includes a stroll through Aristotle Square, the city's central and most beautiful square, and enjoying lunch or a drink on the famous Nikis Avenue overlooking the sea. Thessaloniki is one of the Mediterranean's largest ports, a university city, a major hub of trade and a city of fairs and festivals. But it is also a place of pilgrimage for many who don't miss out on a visit Zeitinlik, the military cemetery and memorial park where Serbian soldiers were laid to rest. This is a city that wins you over for all time - as soon as you allow its music to completely consume you! But it is also a starting point, a place where the roads very quickly lead you to incredible landscapes filled with the beauty of nature, but also religion, the Orthodox Christian kind, but also the ancient ones from some other times. That's why we're taking you on three excursions from Thessaloniki - to Mount Athos, the Meteora and Mount Olympus! Impozantni spomenik Aleksandru Makedonskom / The impressive monument to Alexander the Great