Istanbul » Istanbul | 105 Undeservedly overlookedModa Whilemany guidebooks skip the beauty of the city’s Asian side, with the exceptions of the Maiden’s Tower and Beylerbeyi Palace, Kadıköy Square and the coast of Moda are nonetheless worthy of your time. Locals traverse the narrow streets of Moda buying cheese, nuts, dried fruits and pastries. Here every street is colourful and has its own story. Moda Beach is another popular spot in the area, which is regularly packedwith local residents.The coastline is almost 20kilometres long andhas an accompanying cycle lane. While we’re on the subject of bicycles, we should mention the delightful Prince’s Islands, where motorised traffic is prohibited. Each island has its own ambience and atmosphere. While one might have an old church on a hill, the next is covered by a wonderful wood. If you want to feel the local spirit more deeply, checkout some of the city’swell-preserved, historical andmysterious neighbourhoods, suchasKuzguncuk, Pera, Yeldeğirmeni and Yedikule. Representing a special destination in Pera is the Grand Hotel de Pera, which was built in 1892 to host passengers of theOrient Express. It is enough towander through its lobby to feel the rich history of this place, where Agatha Christie wrote one of her many novels. Kao i svi veliki gradovi, Istanbul ima svoju vibraciju i svoj ritam Like all other big cities, Istanbul has its own vibe, its own rhythm dugačka je obala, a ima i biciklističku stazu is the length of the coastline, which has a cycle lane izgrađen je Grand hotel de Pera was the year of the Grand Hotel de Pera’s construction 20 km 1892. Dok šetate čuvenom Ištikal ulicom, proći ćete pored katoličke crkve koja je blizu pravoslavne i pored džamije, a malo dalje niz ulicu je sinagoga As you walk along the famous Istiklal Avenue, you will pass a Catholic church, which is close to an Orthodox church located next to a mosque, while a little further on is a synagogue