presencedoesn’t leave anyone feeling indi erent. Speci cally, we once foundourselves inaphenomenal place, near Glyfada, inKauriya, where I always like to come, and as soon aswe sat the restaurant owner approachedus andaskedus to leave. Heexplained that we are great guys, but since Željkowas then the coachof Panathinaikos, while this part of the city is mostly home to Olympiacos fans, itwouldn’t bewise for us to stay,”recalls a laughingLesendrić. As another reason why he loves Athens, and ultimately lives betweenBelgrade, Athens andZakynthos, henotes that thisGreek island is very close from there, but also other places that make holidays and enjoyment ideal – beautiful beaches, clear seas and tavernas with delicious food and a good atmosphere. “One of my favourite clubs is Diamonds in Kolonaki, a venue that’s owned by my friend Ratka the Bulgarian and is a fantastic club that has attracted great attention for years and has managed to survive among the ranks of top European clubs. When it comes to seafood specialities, I most like to go to the heart and soul of Piraeus, Mikrolimano, which translates as small port and certainly has the best restaurants, of which I would recommend Varulko Restaurant, which has phenomenal seafood specialities and wines,” says Kiki, before slowly introducing us to the world of the most famous Greek dishes, like gyros and souvlaki, but also delicious seafood. “If youwant to eat themost delicious souvlaki or gyros, I recommend Sijerino, a small venue located inMaroussi, in the street that houses almost all music production companies in Greece, so after busy recording sessions we all come together at Sijerino. That’s why you can see many music stars in this mini taverna, but also the paparazzi who follow their every move. On the other hand, if you love seafood, in the immediate vicinity of Athens, in Lagonissi, is the Psarou Restaurant, which is famous and renowned for serving the most delicious seafood and sh that you can’t nd just anywhere and where I always love to come,” Kiki tells us, leading us to discuss that which makes Greece special – seas and beaches. “Athens is a coastal city; there aremany urbanbeacheswhere you can swim, but the true hidden pleasures are sightly further away, in the bays hidden along the coastline of Piraeus, Alykes andVoulagemania. At the hotel Astir Palace there is a small beach where entrance is charged, but its beauty is worthy of attention, even though it’s quite costly. Next to it is my favourite beach, the most beautiful beach in Athens, wild and sheltered from the wind,” concludes this musician, who has nothing left to say but to nally bid us welcome to Athens! PLAKA iStock / milangonda