62 | / One of themost popular Montenegrins in the Balkans, whose song Pogledi u tami [Views in Darkness] has become a kind of emotional anthem, this year marks an important jubilee – 20 years of success in his music career. Sergej Ćetković says of himself in jest that he’s an emotional spongewhoabsorbsuntoldandtouchingstoriesand, likeanactor, journeys from role to role, encapsulating each of them. And proving that it’s goingwell for him is the fact that he’s endured on the scene for two decades. “I didn’t even consider that I’d be dealing withmusic in this way.When I turn around, I realisethat I chosetherightpath, andwhatmakesmeproudarehigh-quality songs, perseverance, consistency, but alsothegreat trust of theaudience,without whom I wouldn’t be where I am,”notes Sergej. At the beginning of his career, he had a very closed attitude towards people and the media, which led many to think that he was inaccessible and much older than he actually was. The story is completely di erent today, because life has brought himmaturity and work has brought him experience, and this is also re- ected in his artistic and personal expression. When he released his rst album in 2000, named after his wife Kristina, his managers suggested that he should hide his emotional status. “Like every man in show business, they also advised me back then that it wasn’t recommended to expose my cards, because members of the fairer sex compose the majority of the audience, and this could – supposedly – imperil my career. That didn’t sound either fairor smart tome, and Iwas right not toagree tothat. I didn’twant tohide thefact that I’mhappilymarriedandIdevotedmy rst album to Kristina.” His rstperformancewasat the“Our Joy”festival inhisnativePodgoricain1986, wherehewastheonlyboyamongalmost thirty performing girls and secured second place. Although much has changed in Sergej’s life since those boyhood days, one thing that’s remained the same is his love forhishometown.Thesinger isproud ofhisMontenegrinoriginsandheadsback to Montenegro whenever he can. “When I want toenjoy pristinenature, clean air and beautiful landscapes that are outstanding during summer and winter, I packmybagsandheadtoŽabljak.TheDurmitor massif is one of the most beautiful in Europe, and it awakens in man a respect for nature, whilst highlighting nature’s beauty and power. Also there is the unmissable Black Lake, which has a walkway that’s like a promenade during the summer months, packed with tourists, mostly foreigners,”reveals this singer, emphasising the di culty of having to decide between all the sites of great beauty in Montenegro. Andone is certainly theBudvaOldTown, surroundedby forti edwallsdating backtothe15th century,withaprominentCitadel,afortressthatproudlywatchesover theOldTown – in summer theCityTheatre is also a hub for artists fromthe region. “Whenever I have the opportunity, I also tour themedieval Kotor, the archaic Perast and the most beautiful decoration of this part of the Adriatic, Our Lady of the Rocks. I really love Boka [Bay of Kotor], because it’s there that I nd peace and rest in the true sense of thosewords. There are fewsuchplaceswhere you can enjoy silence today,”notes this singer. Like many tourists, he is not immune to the beauty of Ada Bojana, having marked his music videos with its exciting atmosphere. On the one hand is the endlessness, tranquillity, timeless murmuring of breaking waves and wind, and the sand that squirms between a person’s toes to create a feeling like he’s discovered heaven on earth. On the other hand are the adrenaline and excitement felt by lovers of sailing and sur ng... That’s the diversity and breadth of theMontenegrincoast thatwasperhapsbestdescribedbyEnglishpoet LordByron:“At themoment of the creationof our planet, themost beautifulmergingof landand seaoccurred at the Montenegrin seaside”. I really love Boka because it’s there that I nd peace and rest in the true sense of those words. There are few such places where you can enjoy silence today Boku izuzetno volim jer tamo pronalazimmir i odmor u pravom smislu te reči. Malo je danas takvih mesta na kojima možeš da uživaš u tišini i odmor u pravom smislu te reči. Malo je danas takvihmesta na kojima možeš da uživaš u tišini – konstatuje pevač. Poput mnogih turista, ni on nije imun na lepotu Ade Bojane, čiju je uzbudljivu atmosferu zabeležio u svojim spotovima. S jedne strane, taj beskraj, tišina, vanvremenski šum talasa, vetar i pesak koji se meškolji među prstima kod čoveka stvara osećaj kao da je otkrio raj na zemlji, a sa druge strane, adrenalin i uzbuđenje zaljubljenika u jedrenje i surfovanje... To je ta raznolikost i širina crnogorske obale, koju je možda najbolje opisao engleski pesnik Lord Bajron: „U trenutku postanka planete najlepše spajanje zemlje i mora dogodilo se na crnogorskoj obali.“ BUDVA ADA BOJANA iStock /Garsya iStock /Valery Bocman