32 | : / – Pesma koja će predstavljati Švedsku mi se sviđa. Da li si ranije bila u Izraelu? – Nikada dosad nisam bila u toj zemlji. Uzbuđena sam jer u aprilu idem prvi put da snimim TV Evrosong razglednicu za predstavljanje naše zemlje. Postoji li nešto o čemu profesionalno maštaš? – Iako za svoje godine imam bogatu biografiju kad je reč o međunarodnim muzičkim festivalima, svesna sam da sam tek na početku. Dosadašnje učešće na Evrosongu sa grupom Moje tri u Malmeu 2013. bilo mi je dragoceno iskustvo, kao i takmičenje na Dečjoj pesmi Evrovizije 2007. u Roterdamu. Od priprema do nastupa na velikoj evrovizijskoj sceni, sve je važno videti i doživeti. Oduševljava me profesionalizam svih ljudi koji učestvuju u tom projektu. Ali tek mi predstoje godine i decenije rada i truda za bogatu karijeru. Štaje, osimpobedenaEvrosongu, još uželjama i nadanjima? – Moji snovi su usmereni ka mojoj porodici, to mi je najbitnije. Da je sve kako treba i da su svi zdravi i srećni. Onda i ja mogu da funkcionišem. Popularnost nije promenila moje prioritete. Nakojedestinacije bi radoprvi put otputovala? – Obišla bih sva najbolja skijališta na svetu. I na kraju, zašto je dobro biti Nevena Božović? – Trenutno, zato što za mesec dana idem na Evrosong. I jedem mnogo, a ne mogu da se ugojim. (smeh) Theblue-eyed, blonde-haired, quali edmusicteacherandrepresentativeofSerbiaat the2019Eurovision SongContest inTel Aviv is Nevena Božović (24),who is reallyanexcellent choice for the most important European competition in music, especially considering that the song ‘Kruna’, with which she will represent the country, is her own artistic work. Shewroteboth the lyrics and themusic, and she knew from the very start that this melody had “that something” needed to win. “I rst sang this song in somemade up language of my own. The rst words of the lyrics that I devised were “soul calms”. It is also true that I knew upon rst hearing it that this song was special.” Will there be some changes to the song or the set design for the stage in Tel Aviv? -We released the version that I will perform in Israel. There are no major changes, while we primarily dealt with nalising the arrangement. Therewill be a change to the set design, but let’s leave that as a surprise until 14th May, when I perform in the rst semi- nal evening. Howmany hours a day do you spend preparing for your Eurovisionperformance? - It might sound ridiculous, but I rst thoroughly devise in my mind how I will sing each word with my inner hearing. My preparations are complex. It’s important for a start that I sleep well, have a healthy diet and train. Vocal rehearsals have started withmy team, as well as work on the stage performance, in which choreographer Milan Gromilić helps me to be true to myself. DoyoufollowtheEurovisionSongContest every year and what do you like the most about these competitions? - I’vebeen following it for years andappreciate that fact that therearegoodsingers andgood songs every year. I’malso curious to see every detail of the second semi- nal evening on 16th May, and I also hope to be on stagewith the Eurovision nalists on the evening of 18th May. Whoareyour favoriteEurovisioncolleagues? - I would single out Salvador, the winner of Eurovision fromPortugal, and Swedish singer Loreen. My favourite is the group Abba. Have you consulted with Željko Joksimović and Marija Šerifović, who achieved great success? - I haven’t had an opportunity tomeet them, but I’veheard their praiseandwill use this occasion to thank them. That means a lot to me! Which song of your competitors do you like? - I like the song that will represent Sweden. Have you previously been to Israel or Tel Aviv? - I’ve never been to that country before. I’m excited, because in April I’mgoing there for the rst time to record a Eurovision TV postcard that will be used to present our country. Is there anything that you fantasise about succeeding in professionally? - Although I have a rich biography for myagewhen it comes to internationalmusic festivals, I’maware that I’mjust at thebeginning.MypreviousparticipationinEurovision, with thegroup“MyThree”inMalmo in2013, was an invaluableexperience forme, aswas the competition at the 2007 Junior EurovisionSongContest inRotterdam. Frompreparations to performing on the great stage at Eurovision, it’s important to see andexperience everything. I’m thrilled by the professionalismof all the people who participate in this project. However, I still have aheadof me years anddecades of work and e ort to forge a rich career. Apart from winning the Eurovision Song Contest in Israel, what else are among your wishes and hopes? - My dreams are directed towards my family – that’s the most important thing to me. For everything tobe as it shouldand for everyonetobehealthyandhappy.ThenI can also function. Popularity has not changed my priorities. Whichdestinationswouldyougladly travel yo for the rst time? - I would tour all of the world’s best ski resorts. And, to conclude, why is it good tobe Nevena Božović? - Right now, because in a month I’ll be going to the Eurovision Song Contest. And because I eat lots but can’t put on weight [laughs]. Radost posle pobede na Beoviziji Happiness after winning the Beovision