104 | / at theFacultyofDramaticArts. Ibelievethat I was fortunate that he chose me, because no other professor would. He is one of our most importantdirectors,withagreatbody of work. I had huge stress and a speech impediment, because I wasn’t able to say the letter R, but I later corrected that through exercises. I joked to my classmates that I’d beenadmittedbecauseDejanwasgoingout with my mother. When I asked him, many years later,whyhe’dacceptedmeinhisclass, he told me that he recognised a great desire to act inme. Hassomeroleinspiredyoutobecome a similar character in your life? - I grew up on Westerns. The positive character in those lms always survives, all thegirls lovehim, andat the endof the lm he rides o . Those characters are my ideal. And I also try to be positive and good. You’veportrayedbothangelsanddevils. Which suits you better? - Angels must be prettier than me. I play a devil better. I played Mephistopheles in Faust. Doyou nditeasytojumpintodi erent characters? - It’s happened many times that I’ve beatenmyself up for accepting some roles andnot knowingwhy I neededthat. But I’m incomplete without acting. During times when I didn’t act, I felt insigni cant and unnecessary.Thetheatretakeseverything,eats you up, drains your strength. Doyouhavesomeluckycharmorritual for luck before a show? - I have a ritual for every role. Prior to each performance, I head to make-up and dress in my costume at the same time for boththegeneral rehearsal andthepre-premiere. I don’t heckle myself at home and I don’tenterviathemainentrancetothetheatreonadaywhen I’macting. I usedtohave a lucky t-shirt, but not any more. Doyou choose resources to secure to get to a role? - Hijacked and cursed, I never did that. It’s not a matter of arranging my existence and so needing to grab any engagement. The most popular Serbian actors have always been existentially under threat.What you’vegot isyoursandyoualwaysgetwhat belongs to you. IcandoeverythingwhenIwant–that’s beenyourmotto since youbeat alcoholism? - Ihaven’tdrunkfor17years. Idrankfrom earlychildhoodtotheageof42.Adrunkman does nothingbetter than a soberman, and healsodoesn’t actbetter,which is amistaken belief. Alcohol is the cause of the greatest tragedies of the Serbian nation, not its geopolitical position or politicians. I decidedtoridmyselfof that terriblevice fromthe daymydaughter toldmethather friendshad mocked her because I’ma drunkard. I immediately sought the help of a neurologist, to avoid falling into a crisis of abstinence, becausemy father died of internal bleeding on the brain due to a crisis of abstinence. I also drank with him. Howdevoted to your family are you? - The optimism and character of my youngerdaughter, So jaNađe(15), savedme duringthe toughest times.There’snogreater happiness than seeingmy daughters’ smiles andwhentheycallmedaddy.Myelderdaughter, MilenaHana, is 27. They are both smarter andbetter thanme. I trytolistentothem.They aredi erent.When the twoof themagreeon an opinion about my role, I remember that. The younger one wants to be an actress. I’ll help her out openly. How could somebody else help her if I don’t?! You’ve loutishly triedmany things. Do you like challenges? - Icheckmystrength. Ihaven’tdonedrugs or experimented emotionally with the same gender. I shortendeadlineswhenIpreparefor my roles, togivemymaximumintheshortest possible time. And I don’t pussyfoot around when it comes to addressing problems. That suitsme.Myyoungerdaughterclaimsthat I’m amanwho solves all problems, but that’s not always true. Ihaveagoodmechanismaround my wishes, and they all came true for me exceptmybrothernotmanagingtobeatcancer. What relaxes you? -Six-starSudokuismymostcommonand greatest respite. It so overwhelms me that I don’t sleepallnight. I’vedecidedthat infuture I’llonlyplaythatduringlong-haul ights. I love planes.Mymostbeautiful ightwastoMexico. Whatkindofthirdagedoyouimagine? -The actingprofession is oftenhumiliating, especially when portraying people with ill health. I won’t let myself go through that on stage. I hope that by the end of my life, at the age of around 77, I will be inGuadalajara, Mexico.That I will be able to sleepon thebalconyasmuchasIwant inahammock,drinking andeatingallday.Duringthedays thatwould be stews, while in the evening that wouldbe pork ribs with mariachi music and the company of various ladies. I believe that much of that is possible. What makes it good to be Tihomir Stanić? - That they often confuse me with actor Tihomir Arsić, so I attribute all negative factors tohim[laughs]. One homeopath looked into the pupils of my eyes and told me that she recognised in me a kind of people who havelongsincediedoutandwhocouldmove mountains. I believed her, and my daughter assessed that as me courting that woman. I trust people. Some scamme, but that’s their problem. I’ve lost sometimes, so what?! Peoplearebetter thantheyshow. Badpeopleare shallow and visible, so I try to avoid them. If thereweren’tmoregoodpeople intheworld, everything would have collapsed. Odrastao sam na vesternima. U njima pozitivni lik uvek preživi, vole ga sve devojke i na kraju filma odjaše dalje. Ti likovi su mi ideal I grew up on Westerns. The positive character in those films always survives, all the girls love him, and at the end of the film he rides off