Travelling » Putovanje | 93 Savršen carryon je model koji u samoj svojoj konstrukciji nije težak, ali obavezno nešto što je izdržljivo i prostrano The perfect carryon is a model that isn’t heavy in its structure, but which must be durable and spacious PR ACT I CA L M I N I MA L I ST Around theworldwith hand luggage Tekst / Words: Ivan Radojčić Fotografije / Photography: iStock WHEREVER I GO ON MY TRAVELS - I don’t check my luggage. Whether that can be attributed to my youth as a backpacker with a student Eurorail card, the acquired pragmatism of a person who hates queuing at an airport or something else - it is difficult to say with certainty. One thing is nonetheless unquestionable - my enjoyment of responding to the question “Do you have any luggage?” by simply pointing to the little travel bag in my hand. Duringmy childhood, the family summer holiday season began with mother dragging from the wardrobe a large chocolate-coloured canvas suitcase, which throughout the rest of the year contained only her straw hat for the seaside. Following the suitcase would be a plethora of other smaller suitcases and bags with the same pattern or a similar one - because travelling light wasn’t a particularly popular concept in these lands for a long time. Oh, howI longedevenbackthen to be like those Swedes and Dutch folkwhoarrivedontheAdriaticwith only leather rucksacks and a fewnylon sports bags, freed of the conventions of post-communist society. And I managed to approach that Scandinavian ideal many years later. That big brown suitcase still exists inmy parents’ home, but I have long since preferred dad’s old leather weekend bag for every trip - and nomore luggage than that!Here are a few tricks I’ve gradually picked up tomake travellingwith just one bag a real treat. How you choose a bag is very important. The perfect carry-on is amodel that isn’t heavy in its structure, butwhichmust be durable and spacious. I personally prefer a soft structure, even when it comes to small, wheeled suitcases intended for hand luggage. Still, I ultimately give preference to bags and backpacksbecausetheyaremucheasier to store intheoverheadcompartments during aflight.Whatever choice you opt for, be sure that it has as many compartments, partitionsandsmaller pockets as possible, so that you can easily organise everything from cosmetics to chargers. Makeaneffort toselect versatile fashion pieces. To ensure you have more clothing options, pack only items that can be worn in multiple ways. When packing your bag be sure to consider the fashionprinciple of the capsule collection.Think about colours and patterns that go together, as well as neutral variations of jackets thatwill gowell with everything. In order to save space, be sure to carry the bulkiest itemof clothing over your arm. And to conclude, be a determined minimalist: if you haven’t worn something during the past six months, the odds that you’ll want to wear it on your travels are slim.