Dine&Wine » Dine&Wine | 91 If the conditions of the pandemic have taught us anything, it‘s that our living spaceoffersmanymorepossibilitiesthan wewereawareofpriortolockdown.From beingsimultaneouslyanofficeanda refuge, toaplaceformakinggourmetmasterpieces in the kitchen, with a glass of good wine. Well now, at the beginning of yet another summer, we are hopeful that life will finally return to normal and that the season of heat will be completely different from last year - so it is quite appropriate for us to raise a toast to that with some of the latest cocktails from different climes. Creating recognisable cocktails from alcoholic beverages, fruit juices and ice is a kind of art form around which the prestige of a certain venue is created. And these enchanting „magic potions“, which bring proper refreshment and guarantee phenomenal fun, are crowned with a stronghold in popular culture. Alongside classics like the Mojito or Long Island Ice Tea, every year sees some new mix appear that acquires the flattering title of „trendy cocktail“. In order to predict what this summer‘s most relevant cocktails will be, we consulted Belgrade‘s cocktail masters and asked them to share their recipes for the most delicious drinks. Two Frenchman in Belgrade It isn‘t necessary to repeat how this nation is a paradigm of unprecedented enjoyment. However, the real strength of their unyielding joie de vivre principle is that they rejoice equally in colours and flavours, while the freshness of juicy fruits is fortified through uncompromising combinations of ingredients. And that is, of course, the case with the cocktails that best describe the French way of life. Here we present two that are precisely like that! Egalite SASTOJCI: šaka grožđa / 20ml džina / 20ml soka od zove Sve sastojke pomešajte u blenderu sa malo usitnjenog leda kako bi se dobila jedinstvena tekstura. Ukrasite kandiranom ušećerenom korom narandže i sa dva zrna grožđa. ÉGALITÉ INGREDIENTS: A handful of grapes / 20ml of gin /20ml of elderberry juice Mix all the ingredients in a blender and add a little crushed ice to acquire a unique texture. Garnish with candied orange peel and two grapes TWO F R ENCHMEN AND A BR I T Cocktails that will delight you These drinks will be sipped on hot days, and you can quite easily make them yourself at home Britanski recept za razbuđivanje (koji se proslavio u Njujorku) Legenda kaže da je espreso martini napravio neimenovani engleski barmen osamdesetih kada mu je jedan od važnih biznismena sa Vol Strita zatražio da mu napravi neko piće „koje će ga razbuditi“. U pitanju je kremasti koktel bogatog ukusa koji se jednostavno pravi. Wake up SASTOJCI: 20ml likera Kalua / 20ml espresa / 50ml votke / nekoliko kapi šećernog sirupa Pomešajte sve sastojke u šejkeru i dobro promućkajte kako bi se lepo sjedinili. Sipajte u ohlađenu čašu za koktele i po želji ukrasite sa nekoliko zrna kafe. BRITISH RECIPE FORWAKING UP (THAT GAINED FAME INNEWYORK) Legend has it that the espresso martini was invented by an anonymous English barman in the ‘80s, when an important Wall Street businessmen asked him to make him a drink “that will wake him up”. This creamy cocktail has a rich taste and is easy to make. WAKE UP INGREDIENTS: 20ml of Kahlúa / 20ml of espresso coffee / 50ml of vodka / A few drops of sugar syrup Mix all the ingredients in a shaker and shake well to ensure they blend together nicely. Pour into a chilled cocktail glass and, if desired, top with a garnish of a few coffee beans.