Fashion » Moda | 73 Šareno sa šarenim i još malo desena u bojama koje vrište i prizivaju postkovid optimizam Colourful with colourfulness and a fewmore patterns in screeching colours that evoke post-covid optimism anese are, of course, always a millimetre ahead of all fashion conventions, which is why they launched the psychedelic trend of warped geometry in the style of David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust period. Even if you haven't watched a single fashion show, just a cursory glance at window displays will convince you that this year is for conceiving andwearing combinations that youwouldn't even have considered last year. And when passions settle next year and you find yourself fed up of striking combinations, all you have to do is combine them with more leisurely classic designs and continue wearing them in a different spirit. Let fashion change as much as it wants, we accept it as a philosophy and don't reject more seasonal models. That's why it's important to break the rules, which are only really there to be broken. With just a little imagination, you'll be able to wear what you have for years, while you'll be able to adjust them to trends or classics depending on what you're in the mood for that season or that day. Umodelima modne kuće Versaće osećaćete se poput Botičelijeve Venere ušuškani u školjke i morske zvezde In the designs of fashion house Versace you’ll feel like Botticelli’s Venus, nestled between shells and starfish