MODA / FASHION 72 | Moda » Fashion From tropical chaos, nostalgic recollections of holidays and delicate patterns inspired by textures of nature, to twisted geometry and inevitable floral patterns. This year's designs are more attractive than ever Fashion rules, in the sense of fashion dictates, have long since ceased to exist. In the end, rules are there to be broken. And what brings us joy this year is the expansion of bright, cheerful, optimistic designs onmodels that have an interesting cut, in unexpected colour combinations. As a trend and characteristic of the industrial revolution, print had a significant impact on fashion. We gained a wealth of colouring and a mix of patterns that were once unimaginable, imitating various materials and textures on a plain, smooth canvas, such that now a t-shirt can look as though it's quilted or tweed, while space has also been found for art in fashion, in the formof printedmotifs of the works of great painters, but also expressions of rebellion and personal attitudes through messages printed on t-shirts... In the end, prints will turn out to be more important than the silhouette, which of course isn't actually the case. Their role is to accentuate the cut of the piece and show the courage of the owner as they proudly walk mismatched.Their functional role inbalancing thefigure also isn't negligible, so small prints are recommended for small ladies and vice versa for large ladies, although small prints also suit them. And there's a special story when it comes to the inclusion of strong colours. In short, you should choose bright colours and striking patterns for that which you want to emphasise, and vice versa.We use dark shades and subtle prints to hide our areas that we don't want to show off. The only catch that distinguishes a cheap patterned piece from an expensive one is the stitch of the seam. Yes, yes, the seam. The patternmust match up regardless of whether it represents stripes, flowers or animal prints. Even the slightest deviationmakes the piece appear cheap and there's no chance for it to go unnoticed. Animal prints have become classics, such that no season can pass without us seeing fabric printed with stripes, flowers, geometric patterns or those sporting an ethno spirit. As we have grown accustomed to, Dolce &Gabbana play boldly with designs that include a combinationof various floral patterns alongside polka dots. Armani is also playing with geometric patterns, but also remaining true to the spirit of timeless designs that don't expire, while Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, who is known for her bold prints, is going a step further by adding applications to her patterned pieces. The JapCRAZY PATTERNS FOR A CRAZY SUMMER COLOUR F U L , I LOVE YOU COLOUR F U L Tekst/Words: Sofija Kuzmanović Fotografije/Photography: Profimedia.rs