52 | Muzika » Music KULTURA / CULTURE IT’SBECOMEACLICHÉ, EVENFORPOST-BABYBOOMERS, to look back wistfully on the early ’70s as some kind of untouchable golden age of popular music. But, realistically, when you check out a list of all the albums created 50 years ago, it‘s difficult not to wonder whether the best songs of all time really were created back then. In 1971, the psychedelic era hadn’t completely withered away; progressive rock was nearing the zenith of its popularity; Motown was still revolutionising soul music; and the folk-rock movement was in full swing. The possibilities were endless. You know it’s a landmark year when you don’t even begin to scratch the surface — when both John Lennon and Paul McCartney release definitive LPs and neither make the top 10. These are just some of the eternal classics that turn half a century old this year, yet seem as though they were recorded today. HA L F A CENT URY OF L EGENDARY H I TS WAS 1971 THE GREATESTMUSIC YEAR EVER? Led Zeppelin – Untitled (Led Zeppelin IV) Cepelini su do početka sedamdesetih već biti zvezde roka, ali su mnogi kritičari tvrdili da im je slava stigla nezasluženo. To je bio razlog da njihov četvrti LP ostane bez naziva i pusti da sve eklektičnije pesme govore same za sebe. Album, najpoznatiji kao Led Zeppelin IV, predstavlja masterklas u žanrovskoj fuziji, bez napora spajajuci hard rok, metal, folk i prog. Tu su Black Dog, Rock and Roll , prljavi When The Levee Breaks, štreberski The Battle of Evermore i sveprisutni ep Stairway To Heaven, koji mora da nauči svaki gitarista. Pedeset godina kasnije koji ljubitelj roka nije vlasnik ove ploče? LED ZEPPELIN – UNTITLED (LED ZEPPELIN IV) By the ‘70s, Led Zeppelin had become the era’s definitive rock band. However, many critics claimed that their fame was built on unearned hype. This prompted the band to release their fourth LP untitled, letting their increasingly eclectic songs speak for themselves. The album, best known as “Led Zeppelin IV”, is a master class of genre fusion, effortlessly melding hard rock, metal, folk and progressive rock. There are tracks like Black Dog, Rock and Roll, the sludgefilledWhen The Levee Breaks, the nerdy The Battle of Evermore and the ubiquitous epic Stairway To Heaven – a mustlearn for any guitarist. Fifty years later, what self-respecting rock fan doesn’t own this record? Pedeset godina kasnije ima li neki ljubitelj roka da nije vlasnik ove ploče? Fifty years later, what selfrespecting rock fan doesn’t own this record?