June » Jun | 33 ja. Zaista, Elvisova izvedba pesme Hound Dog tog juna ostala je zapisana kao jedan od najvecih trenutaka u celoj njegovoj neverovatnoj karijeri. 5TH JUNE 1956 BEWARE OF ELVIS PRESLEY By the end of 1955, Elvis Presley had amassed nearly 18months of nonstop touring and had two dozen singles already under his belt, though his only hits were on the Country andWestern charts. The next six months would make him a superstar. If “Heartbreak Hotel” is what made him the king of the radio during the spring of 1956, it was television that truly made him the King of Rock 'n' Roll. And if any single moment could be called his coronation, that would be his 5thJune 1956 guest appearance on The Milton Berle Show, when he set his guitar aside and put every part of his being into a blistering, scandalous performance of “Hound Dog”. This was not Presley’s first TV appearance, nor even his first appearance on Milton Berle. But all previous appearances had featured Elvis either in close-up singing a slow ballad, or full body but with his movements somewhat restricted by the acoustic guitar he was playing. It was during his second appearance on the Milton Berle Show that he finally set aside the guitar and enabled America to witness, for the very first time, the 21-year-old Elvis Presley in all his glory, from head to toe, gyrating his soon-to-be-famous (or infamous) pelvis. The mainstreammedia reacted to the performance with almost uniform negativity. “Mr. Presley has no discernible singing ability…. For the ear, he is an unutterable bore,” wrote critic Jack Gould in the next day’s issue of the New York Times. “His one specialty is an accented movement of the body that heretofore has been primarily identified with the repertoire of the blonde bombshells of the burlesque runway. The gyration never had anything to do with the world of popular music and still doesn’t.” The New York Daily News described Presley’s performance as “tinged with the kind of animalism that should be confined to bordellos”, but CatholicWeekly America got right to the point in its headline: “Beware of Elvis Presley.” True, the King's performance of Hound Dog on that June evening stands out as one of the greatest moments of his entire incredible career. Tog dana gitaru je ostavio po strani i predstavio nam svaki deo svog bica u skandaloznoj izvedbi hita Hound Dog/ On that day he set his guitar aside and put every part of his being into a scandalous performance of “Hound Dog”