76 | Nesvakidašnje uživanje u čarima prirode An unusual enjoyment in the charms of nature If you are staying in Berlin for a fewdays andwant a break from its imposing buildings, streets, museums and everything else made by human hands, the best possible recommendation is a visit totheBerlinBotanicalGarden–anunusual enjoyment inthe charms of nature. This heavenly garden, as it is dubbed by many, extends over 43 hectares of land, almost 14 hectares of which are dedicated to an impressive arboretum, i.e. a collection of indigenous and foreign species of trees and shrubs. The Botanical Garden groups together around 16 greenhouses, while the overall atmosphere is completed with gardens and waterfalls, but also stray birds that only further conjure up the feeling that you’re no longer on this planet, so distant fromthe deafening city bustle. It is home to over 22,000 plant species, the most important of which are those who would struggle to survive beyond these special conditions. If you aren’t a passionate botany enthusiast, but are planning to visit the Berlin Botanical Garden once, you would be best advised to plan the stops on your tour at the entrance, as it is virtually impossible to tour it all in one day. As a reminder, it is open daily from9am to 8pm. Right here you will nd a rich collection of cacti, orchids, water lilies, carnivorous plants, bamboo and everything else you can think of when it comes to ora, while a particularly charming element is that the plant species are distributed by continent. Thus, for example, you will be able to wander through the garden called“Japanese Love”,whichprovides ahabitat for EastAsiancultures, or youcanwalk in the“Arbour of Roses”... Youalsoshouldn’tdisregardeithertheBotanicalMuseumorHumboldtUniversity, i.e. everythingthat insomeway, throughout thecenturies, representedsteppingstones tothecreationof this fairytale-like botanical garden, the beginnings of which can be found in the royal gardens and grounds that served for growing the food requiredby the court. For history bu s, located there are tunnels that were built during World War II for the needs of the Nazis, although they have sincebeen sealed and visitors canonly see the former secret entrances. One of themore recognisable symbols is the Sarcophagus of FriedrichAltho , adistinguisheduniversityprofessor, giventhat itdepicts a female gure inmourning, as an unusual representation of science. If you head out to tour the Berlin Botanical Garden, you should set aside six euros for a single day ticket, while a family ticket costs twice as much. iStock / Okan Celik