cause this time the royal baby wasn’t held by the mother, but rather the father, while Meghan proudly showed her still conspicuous stomach, which brought her praise from other women. The question that followed was - why Archie in particular, ormore speci callywhyArchieHarrisonMountbatten-Windsor? A nickname derived from the name Arthur was the least expected choice of these otherwisemysterious parents, who didn’t want to satisfy the curiosity of the worldpublic until the timewas right for themto reveal the name of their heir. It turned out that the boy was named after Major Tom Archer-Burton, Harry’s mentor in the army, who sent him to Afghanistan and gave him a chance to serve his country. Themiddle nameHarrison is associatedwith his father’s name, as in“Harry’s son”. Again, on the other side, the names of the eldest son ofPrinceCharlesandPrincessDianaarerelatedtotheirpredecessors in theBritishmonarchy. GeorgeAlexander Louis (6) is namedafter KingGeorgeVI, LordLouisMountbatten, the mentor of Prince Charles, and, according to many, after Queen Elizabeth with the middle name Alexander. LittleCharlotte (4) isnamedafter her grandfather,with the femaleversionofhisname,whileshealsocarries thenameof the grandmother, withwhommany compare her, and her grandmother Diana, whosememory her parents preserve with a lot of love. Prince Louis Arthur Charles is named after LordLouisMountbatten, the last viceroyof Indiabefore the country gained independence. His middle name is his grandfather’sname, andthereasonforhis thirdname isobvious – it is a dedication to the Prince ofWales. AnotherdilemmaregardingPrinceArchie,who–at3.2 kilograms–isthesmallest inthecircleof theimmediatefamily, is the issue of his title. He could have assumed the title of the Earl of Dumbarton, which is one of his father’s auxiliary titles. However, since his name was announcedwithout these additions, it is assumed that Meghan and Harry will choose a“normal”life for their son, without a title. Time will tell whether that will change and whether Archie will become an earl (if the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have more children, they will carry the title of Lord or Lady). The currentmostpopularboy intheworldcouldalsobecomea titledprince ifQueenElizabethIIpresentshimwiththis title. And the queen is givingwhen it comes to granting titles. Recall that in 2013, due to her great-granddaughter Charlotte, she changed the decree of King George VI and granted female descendants of the dynasty the title of the princess, aswell asequality intheorderof successiontothe throne.Thatwasanhistoricdecision, thanks towhichCharlotte took fourthplace in line to inherit the crown - George is third, Louis is fth, Archie is seventh, immediatelybehind his father Harry (PrinceCharles is rst, followedbyWilliam). Although they perhaps would like some kind of normal, civilian life for their son, Harry andMeghanwill not be able to stopArchie’s in uence, especiallywhen it comes to tourism and the British economy. Leading in this so far is Charlotte, whose annual contribution, according to some information,amountstoanincredible$5billion.That’smore than contribution to theUK economy of her older brother, George, who has“banked”$3.6 billion, while for Louis,William’syoungest, that gure isstillbeingcalculated. Judging bythepopularityandpomppromptedbyMeghanandHarry, there is no doubt that Archie will be a reason for many tovisit Buckingham, Kensingtonandother royal palacesof the United Kingdom. Prva fotografija malenog Arčija, dva dana nakon rođenja The first photograph of little Archie, two days after his birth Mame širom sveta oblače svoju decu po uzoru na Šarlot Mothers around the world use Charlotte as a role model to dress their children Mali Luj na proslavi rođendana Little Louis at his birthday celebration