| 21 The inaugural edition of a new festival, the Biennale of New European Drama, will be held in Belgrade from 23rd to 29th June, under the organisation of the Heartefact Fund, a regional foundation that encourages the creation of a free democratic society and European cooperation The Biennial of New European drama, as a continuationof themost important andmost prestigious European festival Neue Stücke aus Europa [New Plays fromEurope],dedicatedtodramaticwriting, isaspace for the future engagement and a rmation of new authors and poetics. The goal is to utilise this platform, continuously, including between two editions of the festival, to provide space for work, education, the attempts and even mistakes that arise with the experience of the festival itself. Also in focus will be various aspects of production, from setting plays on stage to translating them into other languages and other contexts, which are often extremely important for the life of a play,”says Andrej Nosov, CEOof Heartefact, a regional foundation that encourages the creation of a free society and European cooperation, talking to Elevate. In which way does our country recognise and support initiatives like yours? “Heartefact’s initiative foundthesupportof thestate, but what I think is that, alongside nancial support, it isalso important to have comprehensive change that would, at systemic level, leadtochanges inthesettingupandrunningof theatres in our country.We really desperately need a production fund and a large space for new ideas and productions. Launching the national platform Serbia Creates, which emerged at the initiativeof PrimeMinisterBrnabić, isa stepinthatdirection.Thisplatformaims tosystemically improvethecreative industries sector, as well as strengtheningculturaldiplomacyandpositioning Serbiaasacountryof creative, innovative and authentic people and ideas.” How important is it for Serbia to position itself internationallywith thesekindsof festivals, but also topromote itself? “Cooperationis thekeyword.We’vealreadycollectedand systematised theknowhowof the leading stakeholders (writers,dramatists,producers, artisticdirectorsandtheatremanagers) indramatic theatre fromEurope.TheBiennial alsoemerges as a response to the social and political crisis of European ideas. In this collaboration and exchange, the key is to position Belgrade as a city that represents an important place on the map of European theatres.” TheHeartefact Fund is commemorating10 years of its existence. Inyouropinion,whatarethefund’smostsigni cant successes in the previous decade? “Over thirty independent productions, three-digit numbersof prizes, translations, guest performances andexchanges with European partners. The most serious competition in contemporarydrama textsat the region level, numerousnew formsofmultimediaandmediacontent, andover a thousand authors andartistswho’veworkedwithus. Most importantly, weenter our 11thyearwitha clear ideaof theBiennial of New European Drama, as a signi cant and great undertaking and idea that we will develop and lead in our second decade.” Andrej Nosov, direktor Hartefakta Andrej Nosov, Heartefact CEO Fotografija / Photography: Vladimir Đurić