108 | / While you sit cosily and safely in your seat, we hope you’re already planning a new journey. Andwhen you take that journey, Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport will be there to see you o and welcome you back again, enhancing your experience by trying our best to make sure pre- ight procedures are as easy, fast, simple and comfortable as possible. The check-in procedure is one of the necessary steps prior to boarding. At Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport you can complete this process at the airport’s check-in counters or on your own, using self-service check-in, while you can also register easily fromyour home, o ce or anywhere else, and via the website of your selected airline (online check-in). SELF SERVICE CHECK IN There are ten self-service check-in counters inTerminal 2 of Nikola Tesla Airport, marked as counters 201-211. All you have to do is follow the on-screen instructions – insert your reference number, select a seat from the layout of the aircraft passenger cabin (provided this option is available) and scan your passport. Once you have successfully checked in, the check-in machine will automatically print your boarding pass. ONLINE CHECK IN You can also check-in via the website of the airline operating your ight. You can receive your e-boarding card by using your PC, tablet or mobile phone, in just a few steps. Simply follow the on-screen instructions. After checking in successfully, you will receive your e-boarding card by email and (most often) will have to print out a copy. If you are travellingwith hand baggage only, youmay – just as when using the self-service check-in machine – proceed directly topassport and customs control uponarrival at the airport. If you have luggage for the plane’s hold, you can also drop it o