| 103 In his boyish imaginings he was a seafaring sailor. In his teen days he studied to be a car mechanic and crane tter. Then he passed the entrance exam for acting studies at the rst attempt. He’s an actor without minor roles, but also a producer dedicated tomajor projects. Milutin ‘Mima’ Karadžić, 64, is forever in love with acting, the sea, women, verses, wine, travel... You recently made a great return to the boards of the theatre stage with the play Felix at Zvezdara Theatre... -DirectorDarkoBajićproposedthat I readthenovelFelixbywriterVladimir Kecmanović, and I soon accepted the lead role on a stage I previously acted on15yearsago. Felix liesbeautifully,whilemostpeopledothatwithout style. Duringmy life I’ve seen similar fraudsters. That’swhy the process of bringing him to life on the stage was interesting to me. I felt great on the boards of the theatre again. I happilymake guest performances at this and other theatres when I like a role; I’d never permanently close the door to theatre, because such roles are alive and are necessary for the soul. YourCVtodate includesaround90roles in the theatre, around70 infilmsandover40TVroles.Was thereareasonwhy you took a break from theatre repertoires? - I performed at Atelje 212 for 25 years until 2013, then I didn’t want to to be amember of some theatre house anymore. Thatmeans that youperformwhat’s on the repertoire, and not always what you desire, and I performed in about 30 playsonamonthlybasis. I gaveupmyworkplace tosomeyounger colleagueand threw a partymarkingmy formal departure fromAtelje 212. Do you watch your roles after a certain period of time has passed? - I never do that. But I’mhonest withmyself regarding whether I’m satis ed withmy role andhowmuch. I will never havemy ll of acting; I’manactor as long as I’m breathing. In this job there’s always the risk that you’ll perform your worst roletheverynextdayafterplayingyourbest role.Apart fromtherole inM(j)ešoviti brak [popularTVseries‘MixedMarriage’],mymostbelovedroleswere intheplays Angel, Acting Hamlet in theVillage of Mrduša Donja, Light Cavalry, Tre Sorelle... Youdidn’tdreamtheHollywooddreamofanactorasachild? - Back then I hadn’t plan on dealing with acting. I dreamt of being a seafarer. I studied at the secondary school for car mechanics and crane tters, though I wasn’t interested in that. I planned to try to enrol in acting studies, because I always recited verses beautifully. Actor Danilo Lazović encouraged me, in a tavern at Podgorica bus station, to try out for the entrance exam for acting studies. And in the early hours one night he called the then secretary of the college on the telephone to inquire as to what documentation I needed for the entrance exam. With us that evening was also actor Boro Begović, and the three of us recited verses over drinks. I passed the entrance exam at the rst attempt, in competition among 400 candidates. I didn’t have stage fright and was taken over by adrenaline; I even recited the verses better than ever in front of the commission . You met director Živko Nikolić on the day you enrolled to study acting? - At the time when I enrolled in college, I didn’t know anyone in Belgrade, and I only knew where the main street was. As soon as I saw that I’d passed the entrance exam for the college, I headed fromNewBelgrade to take awalk to Kneza Mihaila Street. It was there that I encountered Živko. I approached him and praised him for his index, and he just said tome:“bravo to you for that!”I later felt ashamed for calling him out when we didn’t know each other at the time. Several years later he invited me to meet at Madera Restaurant for me to read the script for the role of Luka in the lmThe Beauty of Vice. He recommended that for this role I should slimdown by around four kilos and leavemy hair to grow. As a young Montenegrin, you found it easy to cope in Belgrade? - My brother and I headed for Belgradewith nothing, and as students we also worked as physical labourers for pocket money. I unloaded sacks of cement and bre glass at the railway station. Milanwas amason’s assistant until he startedearningmoney fromdirecting. I alsoslept at theFacultyofDramaticArtswhen I didn’t havemoney for a subtenant’s rent. My brother and I struggled to live better ina respectableway.When I started togetmy rst rolesduringmy studies and startedearning, I beganexpandingthecircleofpeople I knewandtogainfriends. HAPPY FAMILY LIKE IN A FILM I came from an upstanding urban family where children were raised well from the rst day. My father, Marko, was a manager of hotels and restaurants in Montenegro. We spent most of our free time by the sea. Mother Stanka was a seamstress. I was very proud when I used part of my fee for the role in The Beauty of Vice to buy my mother a new sewing machine, which she used after that only to work for us, and not for clients, and we threw her old machine out. Mother and father danced to open the summer gardens in the facilities that my father managed. At some point I might shoot a screenplay with my brother inspired by our family. SREĆNA PORODICA KAONA FILMU Potekao sam iz čestite građanske porodice u kojoj su deca vaspitana od prvog dana. Otac Marko je bio upravnik hotela i restorana u Crnoj Gori. Najveći deo slobodnog vremena smo provodili na moru. Majka Stanka je bila krojačica. Bio sam mnogo ponosan kad sam od honorara za ulogu u Lepoti poroka majci kupio novu šivaću mašinu, na kojoj je od tada krojila samo za nas, ne i za klijente, a njenu staru mašinu smo izbacili iz kuće. Majka i otac su plesom otvarali letnje bašte u objektima kojima je otac rukovodio. Možda ću sa bratom jednom snimiti neki scenario inspirisan našom porodicom.