Cyprus » Kipar | 99 Pet letova nedeljno Er Srbija je povećala broj letova za Larnaku sa četiri na pet nedeljno dodavanjem novog leta ponedeljkom. Zahvaljujući vrlo pogodnim terminima, putnicima su omogućene dobre konekcije sa brojnim gradovima iz mreže Er Srbije kao što su – Amsterdam, Berlin, Diseldorf, Ženeva, Ljubljana, Milano, Moskva, Njujork, Krasnodar, Pariz, Prag, Podgorica, Rostov na Donu, Rim, Sankt Peterburg, Stokholm, Tivat, Beč, Cirih, Zagreb i mnogi drugi. Direktan let od Beograda do Larnake u proseku traje dva sata i 25minuta. FIVE FLIGHTS AWEEK Air Serbia increased its number of flights to Larnaca from four to five a week, with the addition of a new flight on Mondays. Thanks to very convenient scheduling, passengers on these flights have access to good connections to numerous cities in the Air Serbia network, such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Geneva, Ljubljana, Milan, Moscow, New York, Krasnodar, Paris, Prague, Podgorica, Rostov-onDon, Rome, Saint Petersburg, Stockholm, Tivat, Vienna, Zurich, Zagreb and many others. Direct flights from Belgrade to Larnaca take an average of two hours and 25 minutes. For hedonists: Halloumi andCommandaria Youknowthatwonderful cheese that creaks under your teeth when its fresh and stretcheswhen friedor grilled, melting in the mouth? Yes, Cyprus is the home of halloumi, a cheese made from goat’s milk that theEuropeanUniongranted aflamboyant label - halloumi is only halloumi if it is from Cyprus! On the island it is served everywhere, even in fast food, and goes well with salad, bread and olive oil, but alsowith sweet marmalade! This is an absolute gourmet adventure that you shouldn’t miss! Also, Cyprus’s famous dessert wine is said to be the oldest in the world!Withanexceptionally favourable geographical position, perfect soil and a large number of sunny days, Cyprus is an ideal place for growinggrapevines.Andthere, inthe village of Erimi, a great wine centre was situated 4,500 years ago, where theymade the sweet redwineNama, whichwas evenmentioned inantiquitybyHesiod,Homer andPliny the Elder. The destiny of this wine was neverthelessdeterminedthemostby the legend claiming that King Richard the Lionheart of England, upon conqueringCyprus in theThirdCrusade, tried thiswine at his ownwedding, inLimassol in1191, and allegedlydeclared it: thewineofkingsand the king of wines! Though locals always called thiswineNama, today’s name was devised by the Knights Templar of theOrder of Saint John, who bought the island from Richard and tookover thewine’s production on an estate that they named La Grande Commandarie. Commandaria contains all elements of Cyprus: honey, grass, vanilla, spices and dried fruit. According to local oenologists, it is like a window into the soul of Cyprus. So let the halloumi creakunder your teethand the wine slide down to the very essence of Cyprus... For lovers of wonder: aliens live here Cyprus is a great place for lovers ofwonder, suchthatoneof theoffers for tourists is UFOhunting! Namely, experts say that the sky above this island has many unusual phenomena, strange lights andhappenings thatmayormaynot be scientifically explainable, so everyone who wants to discover visitors fromother planetshas something to look forward to in Cyprus. Many tourists have posted snapshots and photos of “alien phenomena”, and who are we to contradict them? Komandarija sadrži sve sastojke Kipra: med, trave, vanilu, začine i sušeno voće. Ona je poput prozora u kiparsku dušu, kažu lokalni enolozi Commandaria contains all elements of Cyprus: honey, grass, vanilla, spices and dried fruit. According to local oenologists, it is like a window into the soul of Cyprus